5 Reasons to Get Your FREE Website Evaluation

A few weeks ago, I proclaimed that the fourth quarter of the year is a GREAT time to re-design your recruiting agency’s website. One of the reasons I proclaimed this—other than the fact it’s true—is that Top Echelon partnered with Recruiters Websites earlier this year.

As part of our relationship with Recruiters Websites, Top Echelon customers can receive a FREE audit and evaluation of their website, plus a quote for services.

These evaluations are a no-obligation way to assess where your website is and where you’d like it to go. Still not convinced? Well, I thought you might say that.

Below are five reasons why you should get your FREE website audit and evaluation from Recruiters Websites:

#1—18 months

A website design is considered to be outdated after just 18 months. How old is your current website? A year? Two years? Five years? More?

Time definitely flies when you’re having fun recruiting, and nowhere is that more true than with your website. You can probably “roll with it” if your site is two or three years old, but if it’s older than that . . . then it’s probably time for an upgrade.

#2—Five seconds

You only have FIVE seconds to make an impression on your website visitors (and compel them to take action). That means they have to be able to figure out exactly what you want them to do within five seconds of visiting your site.

Are your calls-to-action (CTAs) immediately identifiable and easy to understand? Or is the site confusing and will make visitors flee?

#3—Marketing and branding

A recruiting firm’s website now contributes more to that firm’s marketing and branding efforts than at any other time in the history of the profession. When candidates and clients want to find out more about you and your services, they visit your firm’s website (after checking you out on LinkedIn, perhaps).

What impression are you giving them? A positive one? Or do you appear to be stuck in the year 2006?

#4—Mobile, mobile, mobile!

More job seekers than EVER are looking for new opportunities on their tablet and/or smartphone. The trend is only going in one direction, and it’s not going to change anytime soon.

Next month, the same will hold true. And the month after that . . . and the month after that . . . and the month after that . . .


You could make more placements if your agency’s website is working for you and NOT against you. There are many recruiters in Top Echelon’s split network who are making placements as a direct result of what their website is doing for them. You could join their ranks.

Placements are the name of the game in recruiting. Make sure your agency’s website is on your side.

As a gentle reminder, Recruiters Websites offers a full suite of services:

  • Website design and development
  • Marketing strategy
  • Digital and traditional advertising
  • Copywriting and editorial content
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) and management
  • API and application integrations

All of these services, of course, are designed to attract potential clients and candidates and are optimized for search engines to maximize your recruiting agency’s online presence. Just click the link before for a free audit and evaluation of your agency’s website, plus a quote for services:

I want my free audit, evaluation, and quote!

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