Networking Tip #5: Build a Positive Reputation

Believe it or not, I’ve already discussed four “Networking Tips” for Top Echelon. My, how time flies.

That brings us to our next tip, which at first glance seems like a rather simple one. However, it can prove to be more difficult than it appears. That’s because it deals with your reputation.

But when it comes to enjoying success in Top Echelon’s recruiting network—and enjoying it more often—this is one tip that you absolutely cannot ignore.

If you take this tip to heart with everything you do in the Network, then you won’t have to go looking for success. Success will find YOU instead.

With that kind of buildup, Networking Tip #5 is below . . .

Build a positive reputation with your peers.

Our logic about your Network reputation:

Everybody wants to be a winner, and the shrewd will try to surround themselves with winners. You’re participating in one of the world’s largest network of independently-owned recruiting agencies.

Your co-members are trying to determine with whom they can work best. The relationships you form with Network members now are the building blocks for your future split placements.

If you develop the reputation of being a “mover and a shaker,” then your co-members will tend to pay more attention to your candidates and job orders than if they had never heard of you. This helps to perpetuate your positive reputation.

Below are some immediate steps that you can take to build your reputation:

#1—Make placements!

Nothing will do more for your reputation than making a large number of Network placements! Everything else is secondary.

#2—Be a “go getter.”

Make things happen!

Get your co-members’ candidates interviewed. Respond quickly to Network job orders with candidates who are right on target.

Post good, place-able candidates. Get your good job orders into the Network quickly. Go out of your way to help a co-member.

#3—Keep your nose clean.

Don’t jeopardize everything you’ve worked for by doing anything that could be construed as even the slightest bit unethical.

#4—Remember our biggest rule for success.

What is our biggest rule for success? It’s also simple: in everything you do, always give more than you take.

Now that we’ve discussed building a positive reputation with your peers in our split network, we’ll move on to Networking Tip #6 next.

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