4 Ways Recruiters Can Stress Less with Contracting

A common misconception about contract staffing is that it only causes headaches and frustration. In other words, it causes stress.

But when the legal, financial, and administrative tasks are outsourced to a recruitment back office, contract staffing is NOT a stressful situation.

In fact, many recruiters find contracting actually relieves a number of sources of stress. Below are four ways that recruiters can stress less by offering contract staffing services to their clients:

#1—Unpredictable revenue stream

How contract staffing can relieve it:

Contract staffing provides a steady revenue stream. That’s because you receive your recruiter fees a little at a time on a regular basis rather than in one large check. So even if direct placements are slow one month, you can rely on your contract staffing income to keep you afloat.

#2—Roller coaster economy

How contract staffing can relieve it:

This goes hand-in-hand with the unpredictable revenue stream. The more unstable the economy, the more unpredictable your income. Yes, the economy is good right now. Yes, employers want to hire. However, the Stock Market has been on a roller coaster ride the past few months. In addition, there are plenty of political squabbles in Washington, D.C. All of this lends itself to an air of uncertainty. Even if there’s a whiff of uncertainty, employers may be reluctant to make a long-term commitment to a candidate. The problem is that the company still has projects to complete and deadlines to meet.

With contract staffing, employers can get the help they need without making a long-term commitment. And because contractors come from a different budget than direct hires, companies can add contractors even during hiring freezes. So you can continue to make placements even when your clients are not hiring on a direct basis.

#3—Slow placement cycle

How contract staffing can relieve it:

Direct placements are often painfully slow because employers want to make sure they have the right fit. This is in regards to both the candidate’s skills and from the cultural fit standpoint. With contract staffing, employers are only concerned with getting somebody who can do the job as soon as possible. Cultural fit is not important in these situations.


How contract staffing can relieve it:

Counter-offers are less common in contract staffing. This is because the candidate is only making a short-term commitment. As a result, they don’t have to worry about missing out on another opportunity.

Could YOU stress less by offering contract staffing solutions to your clients? Top Echelon can point you in the right direction. Contact us to today to find out more!

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