4 Things You Should Be Doing in TE Right NOW

We’re all drowning from information saturation due to current events, so I will keep this brief. I have a simple recipe for success in Top Echelon Network.

Once you have followed through with this, weeks or months down the road, you will see a difference in what you are doing here in TEN. A difference that will yield a stronger understanding of what is happening in your TEN community, relationships that will prove to be fruitful, and success in your business and the entire reason you are here.

How long does it take to build momentum in TEN? It is up to YOU.

When you join the local gym, do you expect to look like Captain America after two weeks of working out and trying to stay on a healthy diet? It’s a process that requires diligence, yet the results are life-changing . . . Top Echelon Network is no different.

Here is your road map:

  1. Update Your Recruiter Profile.
    • Add a photo (please refrain from selfies, otherwise called “lonelies”).
    • Tag yourself with ALL relevant NAICS/Industry and SOC codes.  In the description, spell out the details about you as a recruiter, such as the position titles and skill sets that define your recruiting practice.
    • Personal profile: who are you? Let other members know who you are as an Earth-dwelling human.
  2. Share any active jobs you have to the Network.
    • The clients that are hiring right now need to see your capabilities. Be the recruiter who provides that client the best talent in the most timely fashion by leveraging the power of Top Echelon Network.
  3. Respond to any Network requests of your candidates.
  4. Call at least three recruiters each week who work your niche, introduce yourself, initiate a new relationship, or rekindle an existing one.
    1. “How do I find who works what I do?”
      • Run a search in the Network Candidates sourcing tool for the types of candidates you regularly seek. When you see recurring names of members in the results, those are your partners whom you have not yet met. (Or you could look to the bottom left of the filters and see the top five recruiters who are holding the majority of the candidates in your search results.)
      • Create an Alert in Network Jobs that will show you what jobs are currently in TEN and will ALERT you to the new ones daily.

Do you want to wait for the battle to learn to fight, or prepare now?

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One response to “4 Things You Should Be Doing in TE Right NOW”

  1. Always a great read ~ thank you, Drea!