15 Directives from Our Virtual Business Discussions

On Wednesday, April 15, we at Top Echelon conducted our first series of Virtual Business Development Discussions for Today’s Climate.

The objective of these meetings, which were based upon different niches, were to allow you to share what you are experiencing with your clients and candidates in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Each attendee briefly shared with the group the following:

  • What they’re hearing from clients and candidates
  • One thing they’ve been doing in their business during the past few weeks
  • One thing they’re doing to prepare for when their clients are ready to move

During this meeting, a number of Network members presented suggestions for what recruiters should be doing right now. I have since turned these suggestions into the following 15 directives:

  1. Spend time identifying top candidates now and connecting with them.
  2. Help clients and candidates alike both understand how to conduct a video interview, as well as how to operate one (Zoom, Google Meet, Skype).
  3. Stay in front of your clients. (Figuratively, of course.)
  4. Stay on the phone.
  5. Get training. (Like this training, for instance.)
  6. Find what information and help you can offer to your clients and candidates at no charge. Share your expertise and “pay it forward.”
  7. Build your network in Top Echelon and connect with more split recruiting partners.
  8. Be creative with how you can help your clients.
  9. Upgrade your agency’s website and your LinkedIn profile.
  10. Spend time posting relevant expertise on social media.
  11. Go back to contacts you have not spoken to in some time and re-connect.
  12. Do not “sell,” but just ask how people are doing and start a conversation. Do not call or market and use the COVID-19 subject as a reason for reaching out and connecting.
  13. Have “virtual coffee” with a client.
  14. Spend time sharpening your skills.
  15. Share all your jobs with Top Echelon Network. This will help you get talent in front of your clients, which is more important than ever right now.

Will we have more Virtual Business Development Discussions in the future? There’s a good chance we will, but you’ll need to read The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog for more information and updates.

In the meantime, keep “churning and burning” and make sure to leverage the resources of Top Echelon Network to help make more split placements.

If you have any questions about these Virtual Business Development Discussions, including ideas for future sessions, please contact me. You can do so by sending an email to drea@topechelon.com.

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