Why You Shouldn’t Pressure Another Recruiter About a Split Placement

'Top Echelon TV'

Success in Top Echelon Network is predicated upon the building and fostering of relationships . . . and there are some things that don’t contribute positively to that process.  Like pressuring a Trading Partner about a split placement, or specifically, about the check associated with that split placement.

In this episode of “Top Echelon TV,” we take a look at why you shouldn’t pressure another recruiter about a split placement.  And of course, we use a “dramatization” to prove our point more colorfully.  “Who loves ya, baby?”  We do!


Pressuring another recruiter about a split placement is the topic of Top Echelon Network Policy #13, which Preferred Member recruiters of the Network can access in the Members’ Area.  If you have any questions about the policy, or any of the other Top Echelon Network Policies, contact Drea Codispoti at 330.455.1433, Ext. 153.

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