11 Networking Benefits for Recruiters in Top Echelon

Obviously, networking is a huge part of Top Echelon Network, but what are the specific reasons why you should network?

What can you get out of it? In other words, what are the benefits of being a Network member?

First and foremost, what does networking cost?

The answer to this question is individual to each recruiter. However, there are certain costs that are pretty much constant. They include the price of your Top Echelon Network membership, increased phone time, an investment of time overall, participation, and possibly an occasional headache. As for any additional costs, those would be up to you.

However, what are the benefits of networking? What’s the return that you would receive on your investment?

There are a total of 11 networking benefits for Preferred Members of Top Echelon’s recruiter network. Specifically, there are four tangible benefits and seven intangible benefits, and I’ve listed them below:

4 Tangible Benefits:

  1. Make more money.
  2. Gain increased exposure for your recruited candidates.
  3. Gain exposure for your clients’ job openings.
  4. More easily satisfy your clients because you have more resources at your disposal.

7 Intangible Benefits:

  1. Recognition by your peers when you excel.
  2. The support of the entire Network behind you.
  3. Have fun while making money.
  4. Grow professionally (through training, education, recruiter networking events, and peer-to-peer information exchanges).
  5. Reputation with your clients is enhanced.
  6. Reputation with your candidates is enhanced.
  7. Through the Internet, specifically your website, your Network membership can help you to attract candidates and clients.

As you can see, the benefits of networking—both tangible and intangible—far outweigh the cost of networking and the corresponding investment of time and money. That’s why networking is so integral to Top Echelon, because the investment that you make in networking ends up paying off in the form of split placements.

So invest as much as you can in networking as a Preferred Member of Top Echelon . . . and see how many benefits come your way.

I also invite you to download a copy of “Planning Your Network Success: A Guide to Growth Within Top Echelon Network.”

If you have any questions, please give me a call at 330.595.1742.

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