Why First Split Placements are a WIN-WIN for Everybody!

The recruiters featured in this week’s installment of “‘Comments’ and Compliments” are veteran recruiters and long-time Preferred Members of Top Echelon Network.  However, they’ve just now made their first split fee recruiting placement with another Network recruiter.

'Comments' and Compliments

What does that mean?  It means there are always split placement opportunities in Top Echelon’s recruiting network—you just have to look for them.  These recruiters weren’t content to just keep making placements with the same recruiters they’ve been splitting with for years.  They made the conscious decision to entertain the possibility of making splits with new recruiters.  When that happens, to use the words of one of the recruiters below, it’s a “WIN-WIN” for everybody.

So no matter how long you’ve been a Preferred Member or how many split placements you’ve made in the Network or how many split placements you haven’t made in the Network, there could be money just around the corner in the form of a Preferred Member you’ve never worked with before.  So keep your eyes—and your mind—open, and keep sending us your “Compliments.”

If you’d like to compliment one of your Trading Partners for a recent split placement, send your comments to marketing@TopEchelon.com, and they’ll appear in a future issue of The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog.

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Bob WylanBruce Widnes“Bruce saw my job order and called me.  His presentation of the candidate was powerful and right on target.  I kept him posted, and we established some ground rules.  If I needed help with his applicant, I would call him.  If not, Bruce would stay in the background.  I understood and had a good vision of my client’s position.  I presented only Bruce’s candidate, and we hit the bullseye.  Bruce, thanks again . . . it’s a WIN-WIN for all!”

Submitted by Bob Wylan of R.A. Wylan & Co., Inc. regarding his split placement with Bruce Widnes of The Recruiting Group, Inc.

Fee Percentage—25%

(Editor’s note: this is the first split placement that Wylan and Widnes have made together in Top Echelon Network.)

— — —

Debra Stitt, CPCSuzanne Griffith, CPC“Suzanne was an absolute doll to work with.  I can’t thank her enough for sending me such an awesome candidate and for all of her support during the process.  It is my sincere hope that this is the first of many placements together!  Thank you, Suzanne.”

 Submitted by Debra Stitt, CPC of Quality Source, Inc. of Ohio regarding her split placement with Suzanne Griffith, CPC of J S Griffith & Associates

Fee Percentage—25%

(Editor’s note: This is the first split placement that Stitt and Griffith have made together in Top Echelon Network.)

— — —

Remember, if you have compliments for a Trading Partner regarding a split placement, please email them to marketing@TopEchelon.com.

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