The Secret Mindset for Making Placements in TE

(President’s note: Top Echelon Network recruiter Gary Silver of The Shay Group has been a member of Top Echelon Network for nearly 24 years. During that time, he has become one of the most successful recruiters in Network history, making over 200 placements, both direct hire and contract. In the next installment of our “From the Vault” series, we asked Gary to identify the key to his tremendous success in Top Echelon.)

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Fair question, don’t you think?  What’s also fair is that we ask somebody who has made more than their fair share of placements in Top Echelon Network.  After all, experience definitely counts for something.

The person we’re asking is Gary Silver of The Shay Group.  There are about 241 reasons that we interviewed Gary—one for every placement he’s made through the Network.  If there’s somebody who knows what’s what when it comes to split placements, it’s this man.

So . . . what’s the secret?  Well, it’s not a secret, really.  It’s a mindset, namely that recruiters have to be willing to make an investment in their Network Membership.

“It must be integrated into your day,” said Silver.  “It’s not any kind of magic formula.  I spend two or three hours every day with my trading partners in Top Echelon.  It must be embedded in your work scheduled to talk to and work with two or three partners a day.  You have to schedule this time and make sure it happens.  It has to be an everyday commitment.”

The results speak for themselves.  There is no better example of a recruiter who has taken the Top Echelon Network system and applied it to their business.  Silver works the system day in and day out, and he’s been making split placements ever since he joined the Network in 1992.

“There’s no question what TE has meant to me,” said Silver.  “In good times, it’s made my revenue stronger by many miles, and in bad times, it’s been a life-saver.  I’m not sure how much stronger you can say that.”

Make an investment in your Top Echelon Network Membership every day. This is a mindset that really is NO secret. You might be surprised by the return you receive on your investment.

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