4 Things a Network Importer Should Do in TE

Top Echelon’s recruiting network is comprised of both importers (job order recruiters who accept candidates from other Preferred Members) and exporters (candidate recruiters who submit candidates to other Preferred Members for their job orders).

Remember that a healthy split recruiting relationship requires a commitment on the part of both recruiters. Just like any other relationship, if one person is putting forth more effort than the other, then problems are bound to arise.

However, if both the importer and the exporter do the things that lead to a healthy relationship, then beautiful things can happen—like, for instance, split placements.

We’ve been in this game for nearly 35 years. We know what works . . . and what doesn’t.

With that in mind, below is my list of recommendations for a Top Echelon Network importer:

1. Be thorough, detailed, and informative with the job description. Make sure that you “paint the picture” of your client’s needs.

2. Post only job orders that are your client’s job orders, not somebody else’s with whom you’re planning to do a three-way split outside of Top Echelon Network. That’s a no-no.

3. Respond as quickly as possible to your split partners when they submit candidates. (How quickly do you like your clients to respond to your submissions?)

4. If a split partner calls you, then pay them the respect due a fellow Top Echelon Network Preferred Member . . . and return the call.

Here’s an easier way of approaching a split partner relationship in a healthy fashion.

First, think of the best client you’ve ever had.

Second, treat your Top Echelon Network trading partners the same way you would treat that client.

If you do that, then those recruiters will be your business partners for years to come.

If you have any questions, please contact me by calling 330.595.1742 or by sending an email to drea@topechelon.com.

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