Video: ‘Strategic and Insightful Sourcing Methods’

Top Echelon offers a free monthly webinar as part of its Expert Recruiter Coaching Series.

These webinars touch upon a variety of recruiter-related topics. These topics deal with both job candidates and clients. As always, our goal with these webinars is to help professional recruiters and executive search consultants just like YOU make more placements.

Shally Steckerl of Aspirant PowerSourcing

Shally Steckerl

We record these webinars for those recruiters who can’t attend the live presentation, and we’re now pleased to offer the video from our most recent webinar by Shally Steckerl, Global Head of Talent Sourcing and People Analytics at LTK.

The title of that webinar (and corresponding training video) is “Strategic and Insightful Sourcing Methods for a Candidates’ Market.”

Below is the official description for this training video:

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Regardless of what the headlines are saying (or not saying) about the economy, employers are still in “hiring mode” in most industries.

That means it’s still a candidates’ market and the best candidates have the most leverage. It also means that there are fewer active job seekers and more passive candidates in the job market . . . which ALSO means you have to continuously hunt for the people your clients want to hire.

Watch the next video in Top Echelon’s Expert Recruiter Coaching Series of webinars, as Shally Steckrl, Global Head of Talent Sourcing and People Analytics at LTK, shares his latest “tricks of the trade.” With compelling content and his usual engaging style of delivery, this is one power-packed session that you don’t want to miss.

So watch this video TODAY and discover “Strategic and Insightful Sourcing Methods for a Candidates’ Market”!

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