Reminder: Get Medical Insurance Through Huntington

Roughly three months ago, we announced that members of Top Echelon Network could access medical insurance through our partnership with Huntington and Elevate to Wellness.

And since we had a positive reception to that announcement, we’d like to remind you that you now have access to a group medical plan through this partnership, as well as other large company benefits on a proprietary platform.

Below are instructions to get started:

  1. Click on this link to access the portal page.
  2. Type in Rep Code JSOH2434 to confirm that the Rep Code is Jon Spiker.
  3. Click on the “Medical Plans” button.
  4. Scroll down and select either CIGNA or Anthem/BCBS and click on the word “Elite.”
  5. Follow the directions from there to enroll in the plan of your choice.

We know the challenges that small businesses and independent contractors face when trying to enroll in quality medical coverage at competitive rates. If your only option is exchange plans with high deductibles, limited benefits, narrow networks, and expensive rates, then we encourage you to participate in this special program.

If you are interested in a tool that will enhance recruiting and retention efforts with your employees and associates, this may be the solution for you and the members of your agency!

(NOTE: Please direct any inquiries or questions regarding this program to Huntington’s Michael Kachidurian at 914.262.7382 or via email at

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