Video: ‘Best Practices in Appointment Setting’

Top Echelon offers a free monthly webinar as part of its Expert Recruiter Coaching Series.

These webinars touch upon a variety of recruiter-related topics. These topics deal with both job candidates and clients. As always, our goal with these webinars is to help professional recruiters and executive search consultants just like YOU make more placements.

We record these webinars for recruiters who can’t attend the live presentation, and we’re now pleased to offer the video from our most recent webinar by Jon Bartos of Revenue Performance Management and Starfish Partners.

The title of that webinar (and corresponding training video) is “Best Practices in Appointment Setting for Recruiting and Staffing Professionals”

Below is the official description for this training video:

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How many times a day do you call somebody and they don’t even have their voicemail set up? It’s no longer surprising. The world of communication has changed dramatically during the past 10 years. In any generation today, there is not one preferred medium of communication. Thus, the importance of world-class methods to help get to “LIVE” conversations. It didn’t just happen to the recruiting and staffing industry, it happened to everybody selling anything B2B.

In the next webinar video in Top Echelon’s Expert Recruiter Coaching Series, Jon Bartos will go over why communication technologies changed so dramatically and what the best practices are for having “LIVE” conversations.

Take-aways from this webinar video include:

  • An understanding of what happened and why just the phone by itself is losing its effectiveness
  • The power of intro and technology cadences
  • Which technologies work the best for generating interest and appointments
  • The super-producing “3-sentence approach”
  • Ongoing methods of consistently establishing your “brand” for recruiting and business development
  • The power of video messaging and the future of appointment getting and “LIVE” conversations

So don’t get shut down and shut out of conversations that you must have. Discover “Best Practices in Appointment Setting for Recruiting and Staffing Professionals”!

Watch this FREE training video!

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Recorded versions of our Expert Recruiter Coaching Series of webinars are posted on our website as free online recruitment training courses in the Top Echelon Recruiter Training Library.

Keep an eye out for the next free webinar in our Expert Recruiter Coaching Series!

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