Using TE Tools for Sourcing CONTRACT Candidates

It used to be that companies hired more contract candidates during a down economy and then resumed direct hiring when the economy improved. That’s no longer the case. Companies are continuing to hire contract workers, and experts predict this major paradigm shift will continue.

You can take advantage of this shift by taking contract job orders from your clients. Some direct hire recruiters are apprehensive about taking contract job orders because they don’t know if they can find qualified candidates to work on contract. However, there has also been a huge shift in the mindset of workers.

Many candidates now prefer to work on a contract basis. In addition to traditional sourcing, recruiters are finding contract candidates through a number of tools for recruiters available through Top Echelon. Let’s see how Top Echelon recruiting network members can use these tools.

Contract candidates through the Network

Of course, your membership in Top Echelon Network is one of the main tools you have at your disposal. You can use your membership to find candidates for your contract job orders. By getting highly qualified candidates from recruiter split boards, you can avoid adding staff and overhead to your business.

What follows is an example. Let’s say you find the contract candidates that your client wants to hire. You can then utilize Top Echelon’s Contract Staffing Services as the provider of recruitment back-office solutions for those candidates.

TEC takes care of processing payroll and invoicing. We’ll also pay the recruiter profit to both you and your split partners. As a result, you don’t have to worry about tedious, time-consuming paperwork. You just work with your split partners to source the candidates, make the placements, and cash the checks.

Contract candidates through your website

Let’s say you’re a Network member and you have a Top Echelon Job Board Integration for your recruiting website. If that’s the case, then you can post open direct hire and contract positions on your firm’s site and also advertise them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

This attracts more candidates, who can then apply for jobs and upload their resumes right on your website. Therefore, the contract candidates will come to YOU.

As a bonus, you can also add the Job Board’s free contract staffing page. This page informs prospective clients about your firm’s ability to do direct, contract, and contract-to-direct hire placements.

Contract candidates via an applicant tracking system

Network member Jim Brown of Galileo Search chose the Big Biller ATS recruiting software. He did so because it’s flexible and adapts to the unique way his firm conducts business. As America’s leading Acute Care Infection Prevention and Hospital Epidemiology search and staffing firm, Gailileo Search is very data driven with an extremely robust database of candidates.

The Big Biller recruiting software has extensive data capture, data management, marketing capabilities, and recruiting CRM. As a result, the members of the Galileo Search team are able to find the candidates they need for their clients’ contract job orders.

This saves time, allowing them to present more candidates, fill more orders, and make more placements. Brown also likes the “Ballpark Rate Sheet” feature. This feature allows his team to easily request a Rate Sheet from Top Echelon Contracting for that specific job order.

“This is a great feature that quickly provides the estimated hourly Company Bill Rate, Contractor Pay Rate, and Recruiter Income for a contract placement,” said Brown. “More importantly, it eliminates the margin for error when verbally communicating information for quotes. It easily associates the incoming written quote from Top Echelon Contracting to the actual client/job order to further reduce misinterpretation. This is especially helpful when requesting multiple quotes simultaneously.”

Get contract candidates and make placements!

The evidence is overwhelming. Companies need contractors, and your firm could benefit if you’re willing to accept contract job orders. Once you have the job order and contract candidate, your work is almost finished. The only other thing you need is a back-office to handle the financial and administrative details, so you can focus on the next placement.

That can easily be outsourced to a company like Top Echelon Contracting. As the “Recruiter’s Back-Office Solution,” TEC has been helping recruiters make contract placements since 1992.

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Top Echelon handles all of the administrative, financial, and legal issues associated with making contract placements. Download your FREE Quick-Start Guide to Contract Staffing.

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