Top 5 Recruiters in March: $265,993 in Fees

Recruiters make a LOT of money through Top Echelon Network. The fees that the top five recruiters in March generated is evidence of that.

That’s because the top five recruiters accounted for $265,993 in fees!

And you must remember: this is in addition to whatever else they’re earning on their recruiting desks. For the vast majority of TE members, their Network membership makes up just a portion of their business. These fees are like icing on the cake. They’re like gravy. They’re like gravy-flavored icing!

New faces with BIG fees

That being said, we have a couple of new faces in the top five:

  • Amylyn Kyler of Kyler Professional Search
  • Eric Dickerson of Gulfstream Strategic Placements, LLC

As you can see below, the #5 recruiter on the list, Jeff Katz of JSK Recruiting, billed $18,268 through the Network during March. Project that total over the course of 12 months, and that’s $219,216. Once again, that’s in addition to whatever other placements Jeff might make during the year.

There are a ton of recruiters earning a ton of recruiting fees in Top Echelon Network. The five listed above represent just a handful of recruiters leveraging the full resources of our recruiting network. What could YOU be doing to generate more fees as a TE member?

Congratulations to everybody on the list below and everybody who made Network split placements in March!

— — —

Recruiters of the Month:

1st Place: Trey Cameron
Agency: Cameron Craig Group
Placements: 19
Commission: $153,831

— — —

2nd Place: Amylyn Kyler
Agency: Kyler Professional Search
Placements: 4
Commission: $43,052

— — —

3rd Place: Sean Napoles, CPC
Agency: Career Brokers, Inc.
Placements: 3
Commission: $28,576

— — —

4th Place: Eric Dickerson
Agency: Gulfstream Strategic Placements, LLC
Placements: 3
Commission: $22,266

— — —

5th Place: Jeff Katz
Agency: JSK Recruiting
Placements: 3
Commission: $18,268

— — —

If you’re looking to make more placements with your Top Echelon Network membership, contact Director of Network Operations Drea Codispoti, CPC/CERS. You can do so by calling 330.455.1433, x156 or by sending an email to

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