Top Echelon Ohio Golf Group Outing a Huge Success . . . Again!

Drea Codispoti, CPC

There are some Core Group events that have become staples of Top Echelon Network down through the years.  One of those events, the Top Echelon Ohio Golf Group Outing, occurred just recently.  The outing was held on Thursday, July 15, at Windmill Lakes Golf Club in Ravenna, Ohio.

The outing is in its seventh year (there were two events held the first year), and once again, it was a runaway success.  A number of Preferred Member recruiters attended the outing, and as has been the tradition, there were many awards passed out at the end of the day.  The winners of those awards are listed below:

Closest to the Pin in 1 – Par 3’s
# 2 – John Majcher
# 8 – Mike Aquino, CPC of MPA Companies, Inc.
#12 – Doug Marchand (Mike Aquino’s guest)
#14 – Lee Fierman of Gables Search Group, Inc.

Closest to the Pin in 2 – Par 4
# 7 – Bruce Bille of Technical Staffing Professionals, LLC

Long Putt
# 9 – Dave Gilinsky of Searchline Services, Inc.
#18 – Jim Fitzpatrick of Fitzpatrick & Associates

Long Drive
# 5 – Bruce Bille
#15 – Rod Aquino (Mike Aquino’s brother)

Low Putts – Bill Kubena, CPC of LSI Manufacturing Solutions with 29 putts = box of Callaway golf balls
High Putts – Top Echelon Internet Strategies Manager Todd Bossler with 42 putts = a “Sissy Award” (sleeve of ladies golf balls)

Third-Place Team (Net 8-Under)
Bruce Bille; Todd Bossler; Bill Puckett of Searchline Services, Inc.; and Mike Aquino
(Mike Aquino was the blind draw for this team.)

Second-Place Team (Net 15-Under)
Jim Fitzpatrick; Jeff Tomko of Searchline Services, Inc.; Jeff Dopeker of The Doepker Group; and Doug Marchand
(Doug Marchand [Mike Aquino’s guest] was the blind draw for this team.)

First-Place Team (Net 18-Under)
Mike Aquino, Rod Aquino, Doug Marchand, and Dave Polumbo
(Rod, Doug, and Dave were all guests of Mike Aquino.)

Skins (Net)
# 1 – Dave Sgro of True North Consultants, Inc.
# 4 – Jim Fitzpatrick
# 6 – Jim Fitzpatrick
#11 – Doug Marchand (Mike Aquino’s guest)
#14 – David Coleman (Debra Stitt’s guest)
#16 – Mike Aquino
#17 – Dave Polumbo (Mike Aquino’s guest)

Special Award
Leaving His Putts Short – Jim Fitzpatrick, winner of the “Sissy Award” (a sleeve of ladies golf balls)

Special Drawing
Cleveland 49 Degree Approach Iron – Bob Millman of AutoPro Technical Recruiting

According to Debra Stitt, CPC of Quality Source Inc. of Ohio, the organizer of the event, the golf outing has continued to grow and evolve since its inception.  While there are some recruiters who participate each and every year, there are also new recruiters and guests who attend on a consistent basis.

Debra Stitt, CPC“It seems to get better and better every year,” said Stitt.  “The regulars keep coming back and getting more comfortable with each other, and because of that, any guests that come feel like they’re blending right in.  Everybody has a lot of fun, and they’re able to talk business, too.  Although participation was down this year due to an unusual number of physical injuries, I think this was one of the best events we’ve had yet.”

Events such as the Top Echelon Ohio Golf Group Outing and the combined Regional Core Group meeting at The Hemminger Farm are just two examples of networking events that hold many benefits for Preferred Members.  Sure, the economy isn’t the greatest at the moment, but these recruiters still get together, they still have fun and network, and more importantly, they still make placements together.

If you have news or information about an upcoming Regional Core Group event or meeting that you would like to see published in The Pinnacle blog, please send your information to  If you’d like to join an existing Regional Core Group or start a new one, you can contact me at

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