Top Echelon Recruiters Rate Their Job Satisfaction

Job satisfaction for a recruiter can be measured in many different ways.

There’s the financial satisfaction, for sure. (Who doesn’t like receiving $20,000 checks in the mail?) Then there’s the satisfaction of helping people land a great job, helping a company find and hire great people, and let’s not forget working for yourself.

However, it’s not all candy hearts, unicorns, and rainbows . . . is it? Of course it’s not.

The best way to gauge job satisfaction for recruiters is to ask recruiters. This makes a ton of sense, and we like to make sense, so we presented a poll question to our Network members in the following fashion:

How would you rate your job satisfaction as a recruiter?


The choice of answers that we provided is listed below, along with the percentage of Network recruiters that selected each one:

  • I love my job! — 52.8%
  • I like my job! — 28.5%
  • It’s a job! — 13.2%
  • I need a new job! — 5.6%

Love + like = job satisfaction:

As you can see by the results listed above, a little over half of poll respondents (52.8%) love their job. Then another healthy percentage (28.5%) like their job.

That’s where the clear divide begins. From there, 13.2% of Network members indicated that recruiting is basically “just a job.” On the far side of the spectrum, 5.6% of recruiters are of the opinion that they need a new job.

For the purposes of this poll and this blog post, we’ll consider both “love” and “like” to symbolize a high level of job satisfaction.

What’s not to love?

Let’s address this cold, hard fact: nearly half of recruiters do not love their job. Perhaps, though, that fact isn’t nearly as cold and as hard as it seems. After all, how many people really love their job, anyway?

(Actually, if the vast majority of people loved their job, that kind of mass happiness might leave recruiters without a job.)

The good news is that nearly 30% of poll participants like their jobs. That means that over 80% of them either love or like being a recruiter. That’s four out of every five recruiters in our Network.

Bottom line: being a recruiter is a pretty sweet gig. No matter what might happen during the course of the day—no-shows, down-turns, fall-offs—recruiters would still rather be recruiters than most anything else.

Gluttons for punishment that they are.

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