Top Echelon is Launching a New Website Soon!

By MARK DEMAREE, President of Top Echelon

I’m pleased to announce that every soon, Top Echelon will be launching a new website.

This new site will be bigger and better in every way, and all of it will be designed to better convey the value that Top Echelon and its products and services (Top Echelon Network, Big Biller, and Hiring Hook) provide for recruiters.

For current Top Echelon customers, including Preferred Member recruiters of the Network, there won’t be a discernable change, except for the design of the login page.

Please note that the URL for the login page will remain exactly the same.  That means if you’ve bookmarked the page for easy access, that bookmark will still work.

However, as I mentioned, the look and feel of the page will be markedly different than before.  All you have to do is login with the same username and password as before, and you’ll be able to access the information you need.

How soon will be the new site be up and running?  Chances are very good that it will be live by the end of this workweek.  When it is, I invite you to look through it, and feel free to provide us with any feedback you might have.

In part, we believe this new site will allow us to attract more quality, split-minded recruiters to the Network.  As a result, our current Preferred Member recruiters will have more potential Trading Partners and more opportunities to make split placements.

So our main goal with this new website is the same goal we have with all of our products and services and the same goal we have with everything we do at Top Echelon—to help you make more placements!

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