Top 10 Reasons Why Job Candidates ‘Ghost’

Yes, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the nature of the employment marketplace. Specifically, it’s helped to create an even tighter market for talent.

And since it’s a candidate-driven market and candidates have the majority of the leverage, they’re still “ghosting” employers in certain industries. In other words, they’re simply disappearing during various stages of the hiring process. Those stages include the following:

  • Phone screen
  • Face-to-face interview
  • Offer of employment
  • First day of work
  • After lunch on the first day of work

Once upon a time, renowned industry trainer Barb Bruno, CPC/CTS of Good as Gold Training conducted a webinar as part of Top Echelon’s Expert Recruiter Coaching Series. The title of that webinar was “Recruiter Ghostbusting – Who Ya Gonna Call?”

During that webinar, Barb presented the top 10 reasons why candidates ghost during the hiring process:

#1—They’re too nervous and panicked, so they don’t show up.

#2—They’re not sure they’re qualified for the opportunity.

#3—The company or organization is not one that they prefer.

#4—They have other interviews lined up that interest them more.

#5—They’re close to accepting another offer.

#6—They saw negative reviews about the company or organization on the Glassdoor website.

#7—They feel that the opportunity is a lateral move.

#8—They don’t see advancement potential.

#9—They’re not sure of the company culture.

#10—They used the interview to secure a counter-offer from their current employer.

From a recruiter’s perspective, of course, none of these are good reasons. They’re just the top 10 reasons.

That being said, how do you prevent this from happening? The answer lies in the recorded version of Barb’s webinar, which is available on the Top Echelon website. Below is the official description of this training video:

— — —

It’s not that uncommon for a candidate to ghost their interview with you, or worse yet, no-show an interview with your client.

Or how about candidates who ghost a final interview or just don’t show up for their first day of employment?

Then there are candidates who show up on the first day, go to lunch, and don’t bother to come back to work.

You can write this off to bad behavior of candidates or you can become a GHOSTBUSTER!

Barb conducts weekly calls for hundreds of job seekers and can provide great insight to help you solve these issues. During this training video, she discusses the following:

  • WHY candidates GHOST interviews with you – and Ghostbusting Solutions
  • WHY candidates GHOST interviews with your clients – and Ghostbusting Solutions
  • WHY candidates GHOST their first day of employment – and Ghostbusting Solutions
  • WHY candidates GHOST their job after lunch – and Ghostbusting Solutions

It’s time to become a PROACTIVE Ghostbuster so you can close more placements and fills!

— — —

Click the link below to watch this training video:

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