‘Three-Peat’ After Me: Trey Cameron Owned 2013

By MARK DEMAREE, President of Top Echelon recruiting solutions

Trey Cameron of the Cameron Craig Group is the Recruiter of the Year for 2013!  This is the third year in a row that he’s accomplished the feat.

As most of you know, Cameron has leveraged the power of his Hiring Hook recruitment website design to a hugely successful degree, allowing him to provide candidates to a large number of Trading Partners, and ultimately, to make many, many split placements.

However, it was Cameron’s “cash-in” total for 2013 that propelled him to win the award for the third straight year, and it wasn’t even close.  His total was nearly $140,000 more than the next closest recruiter.

There are some new names in the Top 10, as well as some familiar ones.  Besides Cameron, repeat performances were turned in by Sean Napoles and Maria Hemminger.

Those recruiters in the Top 10 for 2013 who were NOT there the previous year include Steve Kohn, Michael Stuck, Ron Sunshine, Veronica Snyder, John Peterson, Deb North, and Alan Daum.

Congratulations to all of these recruiters on a great 2013 to even more awards, accolades, and placements in 2014!

Below is the complete list of the Overall Top 10 Producers for 2013:
Trey Cameron1st—Trey Cameron of the Cameron Craig Group

2nd—Steve Kohn of Affinity Executive Search

3rd—Sean Napoles, CPC of Career Brokers, Inc.

4th—Michael Stuck of Gables Search Group, Inc.

5th—Run Sunshine of Ron Sunshine Associates

6th—Veronica Snyder of Career Professionals, Inc.

7th—John Peterson of Sun Recruiting, Inc.

8th—Maria Hemminger of MJ Recruiters, LLC

9th—Deb North of Deb North Consulting

10th—Alan Daum of Alan N. Daum & Associates, Inc.
Once again, we’d like to congratulate all of these recruiters and thank them for their hard work and dedication as Preferred Members of our Network.  Their efforts are greatly appreciated, and we certainly wish them even more success in the future.

Please note that we’ll be publishing the winners of other 2013 awards in The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog in the near future.

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