THIS is How TE Recruiters Fill Open Job Orders!

There are a lot of recruiters in Top Echelon’s split network right now who have open job orders they’re having trouble filling.

It’s a common problem these days, since candidates are driving the market. Talent—top talent—is difficult to find and difficult to recruit.

That’s why THIS is how TE recruiters fill their open job orders:

By participating in a Virtual Core Group (VCG)!

During Virtual Core Group (VCG) teleconference calls, Network recruiters share the following:

  • Hot job orders and candidates
  • Information about the activity they’re seeing
  • Ideas for increased production on their desk and within their agencies

Sharing open job orders = making placements

There are recruiters on these calls who have candidates. They have quality candidates that they’re looking to place in your quality job orders. They just need to know about them. That means YOU must share what you have to offer.

I conduct Virtual Core Group calls within specific industries during the first full week of each month. I religiously post the new VCG schedule for every month in the news section of the Members’ Area. (That means you can view the schedule for next month right now by logging into the Top Echelon Network software. Although you should already be logged in, right?)

If you’re a newer member of Top Echelon’s recruiter network, I especially encourage you to join an existing Virtual Core Group. You can even start a new one!

I have been holding VCG conference calls for well over over 10 years now. I can say without a doubt that the recruiters who participate in these calls make split placements because of these calls. It happens all the time. These groups work, they’ve always worked, and they’re working right now. The only thing missing is YOU.

THIS is how you fill open job orders. Virtual Core Groups, along with other recruiter networking events, is how you make placements.

To join an existing Virtual Core Group or to start a new one, contact me at 330.455.1433, x156 or via email at

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