The Stage 5 Networker: the Mark of a Champion

If you want to increase your production as a Top Echelon Network Preferred Member in 2023, then you can do so by evolving into a Stage 5 Networker. The Stage 5 Networker has the mark of a champion!

That’s because the Stage 5 Networker is hitting on all cylinders within Top Echelon Network. They have trading partners, they have Core Groups, and most importantly, they have a significant stream of split placement income—and THAT is one of the greatest benefits of becoming a fully evolved networker.

This series of blog posts has been based upon the “Planning Your Network Success” booklet that we gave to each new Preferred Member back in the day. That’s exactly what I want you to do this year and beyond: plan your success in our recruiter network.

If you plan for success, then you’ll have a much greater chance of achieving that success, and of course, I’m here to help in any way that I can . . .

Stage 5 Networker

The networking efforts of recruiters in Stage 5 are “bearing fruit” as they enjoy the significant financial rewards of networking. They are firmly planted in the Network.


Not only do they take their split recruiting business very seriously, but they also even enjoy splitting. They’re good at it, and they like it!


Same as a Stage 4 Networker, they’re willing to share all of their candidates and job orders. They will not keep their exceptional items for themselves. They share everything.


Stage 5 Networkers have conquered the networking learning curve and consequently, they have more fun networking. They do not have to expel as much energy as they had in the past. Their reputation helps perpetuate their split placements, but their Core Group relationships are the real key to their success!


Their entire office is connected to the Network Dashboard all day long. They regularly communicate with other Preferred Members via email and phone conversations. They’ve learned to minimize the amount of paper they handle and have come to rely on Top Echelon’s recruiting software. They’re taking full advantage of the technological benefits offered by Top Echelon.


With relatively good accuracy, they can predict how many split placements they’ll make with their Outer Circle, Inner Circle, and Core Group of trading partners. They have a formal plan of the way in which they’re going to derive their split business revenue, and they work their plan. They know this success will not happen by chance, so they take responsibility to make it happen!


Keeping their pipeline of candidates and job orders flowing to Top Echelon Network is no problem. They have a system that runs automatically. In the best of cases, it even runs while they are out of the office.


Same as a Stage 4 Networker: they deal in quality!

Trading partners:

They know they have a highly talented Core Group of trading partners on whom they can rely. They’re always looking to their Outer Circle for new talent they can bring into their Inner Circle or their Core Group. They’re willing to give any new networker a chance because they understand the growth and developer of a networker. They treat every recruiter in their Outer Circle and Inner Circle with as much respect as they treat those in their Core Group. This is the mark of a champion!

Network billings:

The Network billings of a Stage 5 Networker are typically $90,000 to $210,000 as a vital segment of their business. They recognize that the machine needs to be oiled in good times and in bad, and they use the Network to make split placements under all economic conditions.

Network satisfaction:

The Stage 5 Networker views Top Echelon Network as a vital segment of their business. They recognize that Top Echelon helps sustain their Core Group relationships and acts as a continual source of new trading partners for them. They are generally pleased!

Those who are at the coveted Fifth Stage of a Networker truly have the mark of a champion in Top Echelon. Thanks for taking this trip with me through The 5 Stages of a Networker!

If you have any questions, please contact me at 330.595.1742 or at so that we can discuss how you can take the next step in your development in Top Echelon Network.

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