‘The Recruiter’s Resume’: Russ Schutt of Progressive Executive, Inc.

Russell SchuttThere are many recruiters in Top Echelon who are enjoying success using the Network’s tools and services.  In this feature, “The Recruiter’s Resume,” we’re going to highlight those recruiters, their accomplishments, and how they’ve been successful.

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Preferred Member recruiter:

Russ Schutt, CSP of Progressive Executive, Inc. in Concord, Ohio

Schutt’s Network Accomplishments:

Schutt has made a total of 24 placements in Top Echelon Network, seven so far in 2011.  He earned the “Recruiter of the Month” award for the month of July, and he also recently ascended to the number-one spot in the Network in terms of overall production.  He’s currently ranked fourth on that list.

Top-Producing RecruitersSchutt’s Keys to Success in the Network:

“I post all of my jobs and I look at other people’s candidates that are in the Network.  Also, I have open communication with other recruiters as much as possible.  When I don’t have job orders, I look at other people’s job openings and see if my industry specialty or candidates would fit them.  That’s led to quite a few placements.

“I also participate in the Virtual Core Group meetings and Regional Core Group meetings like the annual Ohio Golf Outing.  Last November, I attended the Top Echelon [Network regional conference] in Columbus, where I met a lot of recruiters.  I’m not purely an importer or exporter.  I do both.”

Schutt’s Trading Partners:

Steve Kohn of Affinity Executive Search; Jim Strickland of BioSource International; Scott Riffle, CPC of SJR & Associates; and Larry Gallin of Gallin Associates, among others.

Schutt’s Goals for Future Production in the Network:

“I’ve had good success in the Network, and I plan to keep working it.  My goal is to make multiple split placements with my Trading Partners, and I’ve already done that with some of them.  I think that once you make one split, the potential is always there to make more.”

Schutt’s Advice to Other Preferred Members:

“There’s some trial and error involved.  You have to identify people in your niche and reach out to them.  Maybe they can help you, or maybe you can help them.  One of the ways to find somebody is with the ‘Who Works What’ tool, which I’ve used.”

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Remember, if you’d like to nominate somebody for this feature, send an email to marketing@TopEchelon.com.

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