It is Ridiculously EASY to Offer Contract Staffing!

You already know that you should offer contract staffing.

You know it can help you keep income flowing when direct hire job orders are sparse. And you know that more and more of your clients want contractors and are probably going to your competitors to get them.

So why aren’t you doing it? Well, there’s a misconception out there that contracting is difficult. Let’s face it, it sounds difficult.

Who is the legal employer of the contractors? What about taxes and Workers’ Compensation? What about the payroll?

Offer contract staffing . . . and make more money!

The truth is, you only need to know one thing to offer contract staffing: how to recruit candidates.

That is the only prerequisite for making contract placements as a recruiter. How is that possible?

Well, from the recruiter’s perspective, the process is almost identical to a direct hire situation. You secure a job order, you source candidates, you set up phone interviews, the company selects one of them, and you receive a fee for your services.

Yes, there are certain back office tasks that must be completed, and those tasks can be complicated and time-consuming. But you don’t have to be the one to handle them . . . or know anything about them, for that matter.

You can outsource those tasks and responsibilities to a recruitment back office like Top Echelon Contracting.

TEC works behind the scenes to take care of all the little details, and you get to do the fun parts. It’s an arrangement that’s worked quite well for thousands of recruiters across the country.

Three-step plan for success

With that in mind, here is a three-step plan for getting started in contract staffing:

  1. Tell your clients that you can provide contractors.
  2. Ask your candidates if they would consider working on a contract basis.
  3. Call Top Echelon Contracting at (888) 627-3678 and tell a Contract Staffing Administrator that you’d like to use our back office to offer contract staffing services.

That’s all it takes. You can go from a 100% direct hire recruiting desk to one that includes both direct hire and contracting in a matter of days. We’re talking about a very small up-front investment of time and energy for what is potentially a large return on that investment.

And all you have to know is what you already know best!

Are YOU ready to offer contract staffing solutions or contract placement services?

Then download our Quick-Start Guide to Contract Staffing. Or request a demo with one of our contract staffing specialists. Or follow our three-step plan. Just do something!

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