The New Activity Detail Sharing Feature

At Top Echelon, we’re continually and constantly updating and upgrading our software, and that includes the software for our split network.

Just last week, I conducted a Network Training Tuesday webinar session about our new feature release, Activity Detail Sharing. The title of that webinar was “Drea’s St. Paddy’s Day/Birthday Activity Detail Sharing Feature Release Party!” So . . . happy belated birthday to ME.

Anyway, if you missed the Training Tuesday webinar session or weren’t able to attend, we have both a short video and a Help Center article that explain more. Below is the Help Center description for this new feature:

When logging or scheduling Activities to a Network Candidate or Job, the corresponding date and time are automatically shared to the Network Activity card in the associated recruiter’s database. This is logged alongside a generic “Activity Logged” or “Activity Scheduled” type, so your trading partner is aware that you’re documenting Activities related to their Candidate or Job.

If you prefer to share additional details with your trading partner (which is usually recommended), you’re also provided with the option to share the specific Activity Type, Subject, or Details as well. Your trading partner would then have access to review those shared pieces of information along with the corresponding Activity.

Click the link below to watch a short video about the new Activity Detail Sharing feature and to also see screenshot instructions about how to utilize it.

Watch the Help Center video!

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