The Focus of Our 24th Birthday is . . . YOU!

Mark DemareeHey—guess what we didn’t do this year?

We DIDN’T forget our birthday!

The last few years, we’ve had difficulty remembering that the official birthdate of Top Echelon Network was March 8, 1988.  That was the date of the first issue of The Pinnacle newsletter, which has traditionally been used to mark the birth of the Network.  At the time, though, the Network was referred to as Nationwide Interchange Service.  It wasn’t until 10 years later that the name was changed to Top Echelon Network.

Top Echelon founder Mike Kappel sent out that first issue of The Pinnacle (via snail mail, of course).  Mike is no longer involved in the day-to-day operations of the Network, but I still meet with him on a consistent basis and he attends our larger conferences every year.  In fact, he’ll be in attendance at the upcoming National Convention in Nashville, Tenn.

There are a handful of recruiters who started as Charter Members back in 1988 and who are still with us as Preferred Member recruiters today.  Those recruiters are listed below:

  • Mark Suss of Contract Placement Associates
  • Carlene White of White/TemTech, LLC

I’d like to thank these Charter Members for their commitment to Top Echelon Network, for their dedication to networking and split placements, and for their determination to persevere during the tough times (of which there have been plenty).

I’d also like to thank all of YOU, because without you, there would be no Top Echelon Network.  While we’re celebrating our birthday, we’re also celebrating our Preferred Member recruiters, those people who have made all of this possible and continue to make it possible on a daily basis.

Of course, since we started in 1988, this is our 24th birthday . . . which means the next one will be our 25th!  To help celebrate a quarter-century of existence, we’re going to be uploading old photos from past conferences and conventions to our Facebook Fan Page during the next 12 months—and believe me, there are a TON of those.

If you have any photos that you’ve taken through the years and you’d like to submit them for inclusion on our Facebook Fan Page, please send them to us.  Email your photos to

Thank you!  Here’s to 24 more years of success for Preferred Member recruiters!

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