The #1 Benefit of Being a Top Echelon Member is . . .

At Top Echelon, we like to think that we provide value to our Network members . . . but what do they think about that value? (And when I say “they,” I mean YOU.)

Once again, a poll question seemed like the logical way to uncover this information, and once again, that poll question was recently posted in the Members’ Area.

Here’s how we phrased this recent poll question:

What is the #1 benefit of being a Top Echelon member?


The choice of answers that were provided is listed below, along with the percentage of Network recruiters that selected each one:

  • Ability to make split placements — 62.8%
  • Relationships and friendships with other recruiters — 7.4%
  • Chance to gain knowledge from other members — 6.4%
  • Some other benefit — 2.1%
  • Too close to choose one — 21.3%


It’s not really surprising that the top answer in this poll was “Ability to make split placements” at 62.8%. In fact, what’s a bit surprising is that the percentage was not higher than that. Recruiters primarily join Top Echelon Network to generate more revenue through split placements.

Most of the other answers weren’t too surprising, either, with “Relationships and friendships with other recruiters” finishing second (7.4%) and “Chance to gain knowledge from other members” finishing third (6.4%). A little over 2% of poll respondents chose “Some other benefit” as their answer.

What’s interesting, though, is the percentage of recruiters who indicated that it’s “Too close to choose one” (21.3%). That’s good news in disguise, since it means not only do TE recruiters believe that there is more than one benefit to being a member of the Network, but it also means that those benefits are of high value . . . high enough that they can’t decide which one is the most valuable.


While Top Echelon’s overriding focus with the Network is to help provide the tools and information recruiters need to make split placements and generate more revenue, we also strive to provide other benefits, as well.

We would have been sad if the vast majority of recruiters chose “Ability to make split placements” as their answer. We want membership in Top Echelon Network to be about MORE than just splits. We want membership to mean more than that. We want it to provide as much value as possible to recruiters who are part of the Network.

So however you use the Network—and different recruiters have always and will always use it in different ways and to varying degrees—make sure that it’s providing the value you need for the continued growth of your firm. And if it’s not, then let us know immediately, and we will do everything we can to help provide the value you’re seeking.

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