TEC Express: More Money and Quicker Placements!

Last month, Top Echelon Contracting celebrated its 25th anniversary. And now, on the heels of our anniversary celebration, we have a special announcement: we’re now rolling out a new back office service called TEC Express! It can put more money in recruiters’ pockets and in many cases, the placements come together more quickly.

For the past 25 years, Top Echelon Contracting has helped recruiters make contract placements in the technical, professional, and healthcare arena. As the recruitment back office, we’ve handled all of the legal, financial, and administrative details of that service and consider it to be TEC Premium.

TEC Express = more money

With the addition of the new Express service, Top Echelon Contracting now has two levels of service. Those two levels are TEC Express and the service that we’ve been offering for the past 25 years, TEC Premium.

TEC Express is designed for contractors who are “office professionals” and would qualify for the Workers Compensation Code 8810 (or equivalent). Since the new Express service level is targeting only office professionals, we can pass more profit along to the recruiter. Express is also designed to streamline the placement process.

However, there are certain criteria that would exclude a contract placement from qualifying for the new model, but would qualify for the Premium service that we’ve offered for the past 25 years. That criteria is as follows:

  • Per Diem
  • TEC standard Client Services Agreements or negotiations
  • End Client Agreements or contract negotiations
  • Vendor Management System (VMS)
  • 1099 IC or Corp/Corp Placements
  • Visa or Immigration Processing (H1-B)

Employer of Record duties included

With Express, Top Echelon Contracting maintains the W-2 Employer of Record duties. Those duties include the following:

  • Online contract employee onboarding
  • I-9 and E-verify compliance
  • Time sheet collection and processing
  • Payroll funding and processing
  • Invoicing and routine collections
  • Employee terminations
  • Employee benefits

To find out more about how TEC Express can help you, call (330) 454-3508 and press “1” to speak with a contracting specialist. You can also click the link below to sign up for a time to speak with a specialist.

Find out more about TEC Express!

If you currently place contractors or if you want to add contract staffing services to your recruiting business, then TEC Express could be the solution for YOU.

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