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Matt DeutschOf course, not every recruiting firm in Top Echelon Network is attending next week’s National Convention.  (Although . . . they should be.)

And not every recruiting firm in Top Echelon Network is on Twitter.  (Although . . . they should be.)

However, if you’re NOT attending the convention and ARE on Twitter, then you SHOULD follow me on Twitter.

That’s because I’ll be posting updates and photos on Twitter throughout the duration of the National Convention—before, during, and after, as a matter of fact.

Twitter is currently the best way to find out what’s happening at the convention in real-time (without actually being in attendance, of course).  While there will be updates posted to Facebook, they will be fewer, farther between, and more “after the fact.”

The Facebook mobile app is just not as easy to use as the Twitter app.  Not only that, but Facebook is a better vehicle for posting a large number of photos, which I’ll do after the convention has concluded.

You can follow me on Twitter here: @MattDeutsch.

You can follow Top Echelon Network on Twitter here: @TENetwork.

One more thing to remember: the official hastag for the 2013 National Convention is #TENAT13.

Include this hashtag with every one of your tweets regarding the National Convention.  You can use the hashtag while tweeting from any place at any time about any aspect of the event—and you don’t even have to be there!

Later, if you conduct a search in Twitter using #TENAT13, Twitter will find and present all of the tweets that include that hashtag.

So if I don’t see you in Florida next week, I’d better see you on Twitter!