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'Top Echelon TV'

A rather sizeable percentage of Top Echelon Network Preferred Member recruiters use job posting measures in order to gain more exposure for the their job orders.  Do you know what day is the most popular day for job seekers to apply for jobs online?  Well . . . we do!

In this episode of “Top Echelon TV,” Top Echelon President Mark Demaree and Internet Strategies Manager Todd Bossler not only reveal the day of the week that’s the most popular, but they also disclose the time of day, as well.  They also present some action steps that recruiters can take based on this information.

If you use job posting, when do you typically post your jobs to the Internet?  When do you update them?  Have you found that you experience more success with one day over another?  Has job posting been successful for you overall in terms of making placements?

Do recruiters use video resumes?  How about video interviews?  In this episode of “Top Echelon TV,” Internet Strategies Manager Todd Bossler delves into the word of recruiters and just how much they use video technology.  Some of his discoveries may surprise you . . . and some may not.


How about you?  How much do you use video technology?  Do you plan to use it more in the future?  Your feedback is always appreciated.

Most recruiters use a headset . . . but exactly how many?  Top Echelon conducted a survey of recruiters all across the country and asked them various questions about headset use.  In this episode of “Top Echelon TV,” Internet Strategies Manager Todd Bossler discusses the results of that survey.


Which headset do you use?  What kind do you use?  Do you have any additional information or feedback that would be useful to recruiters?  Comment below.

Top Echelon Internet Strategies Manager Todd Bossler recently conducted an informal poll of Top Echelon Network recruiters and found that nine out of 10 use dual monitor screens to run their desk.  Bossler explains why in this episode of “Top Echelon TV.”

And that’s not all . . . a few of the recruiters surveyed indicated that they would be open to adding a third monitor to their desk.  What about you?  Do you use two (or more monitors) on your recruiting desk?  If so, do you believe it improves efficiency and productivity?  If you only use one monitor, would you like to add a second?  Why?