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When you join a split placement network, split placements can happen in all sorts of ways . . . including ways you never even dreamed of.

Take the recent case of Top Echelon Network Preferred Member recruiters Judy Kaplan of Prof’l Recruiting Consultants and Glenda Smith of Metaljobs Network.

Kaplan was at her local gym when one of the gym’s trainers overheard her talking about work.  The trainer asked Kaplan if she was a recruiter and then told her that her husband was looking for a new job.  Kaplan said she was a recruiter, and the trainer then asked if she could email her husband’s resume to her.  Kaplan said she could, and she gave the woman her email address.

According to Kaplan, when she heard the industry in which the trainer’s husband worked—which was outside of her niche—she automatically though of Smith.  And the reason she thought of Smith was because she met her face-to-face in the past.

“I met Glenda years ago at a [Top Echelon] conference, and I knew that she worked Metallurgy,” said Kaplan.  “I figured she probably had a job in the system that this guy might be interested in.”

Kaplan searched through the shared job orders that Smith had posted on Top Echelon and came across one that seemed to be a good fit for the candidate.  The position was for a Technical Manager, and Kaplan emailed the candidate’s resume and RDS (Resume Data Sheet) to Smith, and she also called her.

Glenda Smith“Glenda said she recognized the name [of the candidate], but that it had been five years since she had talked with him,” said Kaplan.

Smith then presented the candidate to her client, setting off a chain of events that ultimately ended in a successful split placement.

“I received the job order on January 6, submitted Judy’s candidate on January 10, they interviewed him on January 14, made him an offer after that, and he started work on February 14,” said Smith.  “All because Judy talked with a trainer at her gym.  Now the trainer and her husband are happily settled in South Carolina, near the beach.”

February 14 . . . Valentine’s Day.  Because after all, who doesn’t love when these types of split placements occur?  They’re unexpected, but oh, so satisfying.

“You never know where you’ll find a placement,” said Smith.  “It’s a wonderful split time of year!”

— — —

Top Echelon Network tools used to make this split placement:

  1. Top Echelon Network conferences for networking and building a Trading Partner relationship
  2. Big Biller recruiting software to send the resume and RDS and also to track the submission
  3. Top Echelon Network Split Jobs Database to search for Glenda’s job