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Welcome to a new feature in The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog, one that focuses on recent split placements made through the Network.  Here’s the format: the information for each split placement will be presented, and then the split placement will be analyzed.  More specifically, the factors that led to the making of the split placement will be addressed, because once you make one split placement, you want to make another . . . and another . . . and another . . .

Job Order Recruiter—Steve Kohn of Affinity Executive Search
Candidate Recruiter—Jackie Bamberg of Omega Systems, LLC
Position Title—District Manager of Retail
Fee Percentage—30%

Steve’s take on this split placement:

Steve Kohn“Jackie was completely over the top on this. The client was on-again, off-again for a long time, and then the candidate got fussy over relocation matters and then everything was held up for an entire month when he needed a medical procedure.  She stayed cool, collected, committed, and focused. This split placement never would have happened if not for Jackie’s persistence, professionalism, and patience.  We have more openings, and I hope we’ll soon easily make more split placements together!”

Jackie’s take on this split placement:

“Working with Steve Kohn was an extreme pleasure.  He knows the value of feedback, even if it’s not positive . . . that enabled me to search for additional candidates with confidence.  I knew what he wanted in a candidate, but also want he did not want in a candidate.  Communication . . . that is the key.  Steve always kept me in the loop, which was very much appreciated!  I believe this is the beginning of a long-term relationship.  He is the greatest!”

Factors contributing to this split placement:

Communication—One of The Four Pillars of Top Echelon Network, this was instrumental to the success of the split placement.  The fact that Steve communicated everything to Jackie allowed the two of them to ride the “roller coaster” nature of the split placement.  The process was not straightforward or routine, but Jackie wasn’t left wondering what was going on, because Steve keep her informed of everything that happened along the way.  He also gave her information that she could use to locate the ideal candidate and bring the split placement to a happy close.

Patience and persistence—Jackie did not get discouraged during the process, even with the myriad of roadblocks that Steve described above.  She had faith in Steve as a Trading Partner and in his ability to handle his client (or Trust in him, which is also one of The Four Pillars), and she did everything she could to help him.  Part of the reason for Jackie’s patience and persistence was that Steve communicated with her constantly regarding all aspects of the split placement process, which, as she said, enabled her to “search for additional candidates with confidence.”

If you’ve made a recent split placement that you’d like to see highlighted in The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog, please email the details to  We’d like to see your split placement in an upcoming issue!