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Much like Top Echelon’s policies reflect our “Rules of Engagement,” so do our Golden Rules of Networking reflect proper etiquette when dealing with Network split recruiting partners.

Keep in mind, Network etiquette will get you farther with your recruiting colleagues and help your agency make more split placements.

While we do cover our Golden Rules with agency owners, please remember to have all of the recruiters in your agency read through and abide by Top Echelon’s Golden Rules and Policies.

Presenting The Golden Rules

1. Always treat all Top Echelon Network Members and Top Echelon Network candidates with respect and professional courtesy (i.e., provide them with feedback and maintain professionalism with all correspondence). In other words, treat them the same way you would like to be treated.

2. Always include a candidate profile (Resume Data Sheet [RDS]) or an equivalent fact sheet when sending a candidate’s resume to a Top Echelon Network member. If you are responding to their job order, include a copy of the job order (or at least the job order TEID#) so they will understand why you are sending the resume.

3. Understand that if a member has interest in one of your candidates, they will keep you apprised of the situation. If the member does not provide feedback to you, they are probably not interested in your candidate. Please do not waste their time by calling them to see what they think of your candidate or by trying to “sell them” on your candidate.

4. Always keep the member apprised of what is happening with their candidate. You MUST notify them in advance of any “FACE-TO-FACE” interviews that you have arranged. You SHOULD notify them in advance of any PHONE interviews that you have arranged. In addition, you MUST provide post-interview feedback to the other member, regardless of whether it’s a PHONE interview or a “FACE-TO-FACE” interview.

5. When sending a candidate’s resume to Top Echelon Network or any Network Members, always be sure the quality of that resume is good and please DO NOT STAMP YOUR LOGO on the resume. The only marking that can be left on the resume referencing your recruiting firm is your Top Echelon Network agency code. Other than that, the resume should be able to be duplicated “as is.” It is recommended that your agency code should be placed in the upper right-hand corner of the resume.

6. Never send any Network resumes or job orders to non-Network recruiters without prior approval from the submitting agency. This is a VERY SERIOUS NETWORK OFFENSE and will cost you your Top Echelon Network privileges and reputation. See Top Echelon Network Policy #10 for details.

7. Never “source off” (or try to gain referrals from) another member’s candidate. Read Top Echelon Network Policy #2 for further details.

8. All terms of three-way splits must be agreed upon by all parties in advance and in writing. Top Echelon Network receives 6% of the TOTAL fee regardless of the manner in which the fee is split. Read Top Echelon Network Policy #3 for further details.

9. Only submit “PLACE-ABLE” candidates and “FILL-ABLE” job orders to the Network! Anything else is a waste of everybody’s time and money. Also, it is your job to close out any of your Top Echelon Network candidates or job orders that are no longer viable.

10. Split Fee Placements: After a split placement has been completed, the job order recruiter is required to issue a check for 6% to Top Echelon Network and a check for 47% of the overall fee earned to the participating agency WITHIN 24 HOURS of receiving payment from the client company. Holding another Top Echelon Network member’s portion of the fee for ANY REASON is unacceptable unless it has been agreed upon IN ADVANCE by both parties. See Top Echelon Network Policy #11 for further details.

11. Respect other Network Members’ wishes when dealing with their candidates. If a candidate recruiter wants you to contact them prior to presenting their candidate to a company, do so or don’t work their candidate. Also, only contact Top Echelon Network candidates for the purpose of placing them and splitting the fee with the submitting recruiter.

12. When corresponding with another member’s candidate (whether in writing or verbally), remember to ALWAYS reference the candidate recruiter’s name and agency name. Also, identify yourself as a Top Echelon Network member, and as an option, you may want to reference your member agency code.

13. Do not ask Top Echelon Network candidates for a copy of their resume. If you need a “clean copy” of a candidate’s resume, we recommend that you contact the candidate recruiter for a copy. If you happen to ask a Top Echelon Network candidate for a copy of their resume, make sure to inform the candidate recruiter (via email, phone call, etc.) that you have done so. Asking a Top Echelon Network candidate for a copy of their resume without notifying the candidate recruiter will be viewed as an attempt to create a paper trail in order to show that you recruited the candidate on your own.

14. Make sure the candidates you submit through Top Echelon Network understand they are going out on a national network before you send them to Top Echelon for distribution! The candidate must give you permission to do so.

15. Always return a Top Echelon Network member’s phone call! As a professional courtesy, you should return all phone calls from your trading partners, regardless of whether you think it will be a waste of time or not! Any Members who are unwilling to do this probably are not Top Echelon Network material.

16. Top Echelon Network keeps score! Members are encouraged to notify Top Echelon Network’s ethics chairperson about anything that doesn’t seem “right” in the Network. We keep detailed notes about each member, and if any member seems to be operating with questionable ethics, we will evaluate the situation and take the appropriate action.

17. The Shop Book Rule: Top Echelon Network Members are encouraged to create and maintain records. These records will serve as “proof of evidence” of all verbal and written agreements, along with any correspondence received.

18. Top Echelon Network discourages its Members from sending unsolicited resumes to other Members unless it pertains to a specific job order.

If you have any questions about The Golden Rules of Networking in Top Echelon, I encourage you to contact me. You can do so by calling 330.455.1433, x156 or by sending an email to

It’s that time of year! The time of year to start thinking about when you’re going to shut down your recruiting desk!

Or . . . maybe not. After all, we posed a poll question recently in the Top Echelon Network Members’ Area.

That question, as you might have already guessed, dealt with shutting down your recruiting desk.

The question in question is listed below:

When do you plan to “shut down your desk” for the rest of the year?

The choice of answers that we provided is listed below, along with the percentage of split network recruiters that selected each one:

  • Right after Thanksgiving — 2.4%
  • The middle of December — 7.0%
  • Right before Christmas and through New Year’s. — 32.6%
  • I’m not; I’m going the distance — 58.1%

Shut the front door!

Once upon a time, many recruiters took nearly the entire month of December off. That is no longer the case, at least not in Top Echelon’s recruiting network.

In fact, it appears as though just the opposite is the case. After all, only 2.4% of poll participants indicated that they’re shutting down their desk “right after Thanksgiving.” Another 7.0% indicated that they plan to shut down their desk in “the middle of December.”

Those are not staggering numbers. Put them together and you have a measly 9.4%.

So WHEN are recruiters shutting down their desk? How about never!

Almost six out of every 10 Network recruiters (58.1%) are planning on “going the distance.” These recruiters are going to work right through the rest of the year. Sure, they might take a couple of days off here and there, like Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but they’ll be in the office more often than not.

In addition, 32.6% of Network Members chose “Right before Christmas and through New Year’s” as their answer. So yes, they’re taking some time off, but it amounts to pretty much a week and some change.

You snooze, you lose . . .

What does all of this mean? In short, it means that there are placement opportunities aplenty for recruiters at the end of the year.

Clients are still looking to hire, they’re still looking to interview, and they’re still looking to “pull the trigger” for the right candidate.

Marketplace conditions have changed drastically during the last several years. Competition in the recruiting profession is fierce.

We’re in the midst of a candidate-driven market, and employers are hungry for candidates they can’t find on their own. So what’s the bottom line?

You snooze, you lose . . . no matter what time of year it is.

Looking to stop snoozing, maximize your Network Membership, and make more split placements?

Then contact Director of Network Operations Drea Codispoti, CPC/CERS. You can do so by calling 330.455.1433, x156 or by sending an email to

Who says you have to wait to experience success in Top Echelon’s recruiting network?

Submitting Job Orders: Location, Location, Location!

Not the Network Members listed below, that’s for sure.

One of them is Robert Litton of the Litton Resource Group. Robert’s agency joined the Network on August 13 of this year.

Less than two months later, he made his first split with long-time Member Terry Rhodes of NewCareers.

In another split referenced below, Network Member Bill Kubena of Kubena & Associates placed a candidate approximately 48 hours after split recruiting partner Trey Cameron of the Cameron Craig Group submitted the candidate to him.

And then finally, Bill and Trey struck again. This time, the placement took less than a week, from the time that Trey submitted the candidate to Bill to the time that the candidate accepted an offer of employment from Bill’s client.

You simply can NOT beat making two placements in a little over a week’s time. (Incidentally, these two placements represented the 15th and 16th split that Bill and Trey have made together.)

This is the kind of quick success that you can experience in Top Echelon Network.

If you’re not experiencing the kind of Network success that YOU would like, I encourage you to contact Top Echelon Director of Network Operations Drea Codispoti, CPC/CERS.

You can reach Drea by calling 330.455.1433, x156 or by sending an email to

— — —

Robert Litton of the Litton Resource Group

Robert Litton

Terry Rhodes of NewCareers

Terry Rhodes

“Thanks to Terry . . . first TEN placement for me . . . 45 days in . . . awesome!”

Submitted by Robert Litton of the Litton Resource Group regarding his Network split placement with Terry Rhodes of NewCareers


Fee Percentage—Flat

(Editor’s note: This is the first Network split placement that Robert and Terry have made together in Top Echelon.)

— — —

Bill Kubena of Kubena & Associates

Bill Kubena

Trey Cameron of the Cameron Craig Group

Trey Cameron

“Thanks for the great candidate, Trey. It took roughly 48 hours from your submission to my recruit call to an offer for this candidate! He couldn’t be happier! On to the next one!”

Submitted by Bill Kubena of Kubena & Associates regarding his Network split placement with Trey Cameron of the Cameron Craig Group

Position Title—CNC MACHINIST

Fee Percentage—20%

(Editor’s note: This is the 15th Network split placement that Bill and Trey have made together in Top Echelon.)

— — —

“Thanks, Trey! Another placement that took less than a week from receiving the candidate to offer acceptance! Appreciate all your help once again.”

Submitted by Bill Kubena of Kubena & Associates regarding his Network split placement with Trey Cameron of the Cameron Craig Group

Position Title—CNC MACHINIST

Fee Percentage—20%

(Editor’s note: This is the 16th Network split placement that Bill and Trey have made together in Top Echelon.)

Believe it or not, the Thanksgiving holiday is already here!

As always, it seems as though Thanksgiving kind of “snuck up” on us this year. (Wasn’t it just Labor Day? Wasn’t Halloween last week?)

And along with this holiday, of course, come our Top Echelon holiday hours.

The Top Echelon offices will be closed on Thursday, November 28, and Friday, November 29. These hours apply to:

The Top Echelon offices will re-open as usual at 8 a.m. on Monday, December 2.

I know I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: we at Top Echelon are thankful for ALL of you as customers.

We enjoy working and talking with you on a daily basis, and we’re glad that we can contribute to the health and well being of your recruiting agencies.

So please travel safely this week, make sure you eat too much turkey and stuffing (and pumpkin pie!), and root for the Ohio State football team to beat Michigan.

O-H . . . I-O!

Happy Thanksgiving!

There’s a reason, of course, that Quality is one of The Four Pillars of Top Echelon Network. Actually, there are more than just one reason.

However, the reason that I’m addressing in this particular blog post revolves around the fact that quality recruiters make quality split placements.

Over the years, we’ve published numerous case studies in The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog. These case studies have involved quality recruiters making splits in the Network.

In addition, they’ve illustrated that there are many advantages to making splits besides just making a placement that you normally would not have made. (Although that IS a great place to start, is it not?)

These advantages are rooted in certain characteristics. Which characteristics? I’m so glad you asked!

Breaking down quality split placements

Below are five characteristics of quality split placements in Top Echelon’s recruiter network:

1. They happen more quickly.

2. There’s less stress involved.

3. There is less likelihood of a fall-off. (That risk still exists, though, because you can never completely eliminate it.)

4. Trading partners build camaraderie during the recruitment process.

5. They also pave the way for additional placements in the future.

This final point highlights one of the best things about quality recruiters who make quality split placements with each other, especially when they make their first split. They are now more likely to make more quality split placements with one another in the future.

Making that first split is like “breaking the ice,” so to speak. But in all honesty, it’s more than just that.

When recruiters collaborate to bring a deal together and they split a placement fee, they know they can trust each other. Once they know that, they’re less hesitant to work together again in the future.

And just like Quality, Trust is one of The Four Pillars of Top Echelon Network. In fact, it might be the most important Pillar.

If you have questions about how to maximize your Network Membership and make more placements, I urge you to contact Director of Network Operations Drea Codispoti, CPC/CERS.

You can do so by calling 330.455.1433, x156 or by sending an email to