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Perhaps no other recruiter in the history of Top Echelon Network has “flown under the radar” like Hani Mussa of KnowHireMatch.

Like the recruiter in our previous “Network Spotlight” feature, Veronica Synder, Hani has been a recruiter for slightly more than 20 years. During his time in the Network, Hani has made 60 split placements that have generated $560K cash-in.

Because of Hani’s consistent production and adherence to The Four Pillars of Top Echelon Network, we are pleased to put him “In the Network Spotlight” in The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog.

According to Hani, below are four takeaways that have been instrumental to his success as a member of the Network:

#1—It all starts with quality and integrity

When he joined Top Echelon’s recruiting network, Hani had been a member of another network that has since gone defunct.

“I was disappointed with the lack of professionalism and communication in my dealings with fellow recruiters in that network,” he said. “A recruiter referred me to Top Echelon and told me that I would do well there as an exporter, as they are a ‘best in class’ of recruiter networks.

“I was looking for a quality recruiter network where I could bring my talent acquisition expertise in service to experienced and ethical job recruiters to make placements and build long-lasting successful partnerships.”

#2—Time + effort = lasting success

According to Hani, he is a natural-born researcher, due in large part to his inquisitive nature. As an exporter in the Network, for many years his attitude was, “Just give me the job specs and let me do what I do best: source talent.” However, that attitude has undergone a transformation over the years.

“If or when I found those candidates and presented them, I assumed and expected they would surely make the cut, and when they didn’t, I questioned the competence and wisdom of the recruiter and/or their clients,” said Hani. “‘The customer is always right’ was not a slogan I lived by, and that didn’t serve me, nor my customers—other Network recruiters—well. It took time, but I have learned the error of my ways.

“It takes time and effort to build a good, trusting, and prosperous recruiting partnership. Talent alone is not enough.”

#3—The Network offers both tangible and intangible benefits.

According to Hani, the tangible benefits of Network membership includes a variety of job orders with quality job specs, knowledgeable recruiters with whom to interact and work, and educational resources for continued improvement.

In terms of intangible benefits, those include the trust that exists between Network recruiters, the genuine connections that he has made with other members, and the lasting partnerships that have grown from those connections.

#4—Top Echelon offers a variety of value-driven resources.

Since Hani works the candidate side of the recruiting equation heavily, he relies on the job orders that exist in the Network a great deal. However, he also relies upon Top Echelon’s agency recruiting software, Big Biller, to save time and be even more productive.

“As an exporter, If not for my TE membership, I wouldn’t have jobs to present to candidates,” said Hani. “In addition, with Big Biller, I can save and market candidates to other prospective jobs on the Network.”

Hani has masterfully leveraged the tools and resources of Top Echelon Network exactly the way they have been intended, and he has reaped the benefits of his hard work and efforts. We at Top Echelon want to thank him for his loyalty and dedication down through the years, as well as the tremendous success that he has enjoyed as a Network member!

Everybody in Top Echelon’s recruiting network wants to be a good trading partner. (At least . . . we hope that everybody in the Network wants to be a good trading partner.)

But how do you go from being a good trading Partner to being a great trading partner?

As you might imagine, it takes more than one thing. Fortunately, we’ve been keeping track of those things just by seeing the comments that Network recruiters submit with their Completed Placement Forms.

These recruiters almost invariably have good things to say about their split recruiting partners. Those good things have formed a pattern—a blueprint, if you will.

That blueprint basically shows how a recruiter can work with their trading partners in the best way possible and make more split placements. As part of that blueprint, we’ve uncovered some common behaviors of recruiters who do an excellent job of working with their partners to bring the placement process to a successful and satisfying conclusion.

Good to great as a trading partner

Based on these case studies, below are six behaviors that make a good trading partner a great one:

  1. They screen and qualify their candidates.
  2. They don’t just communicate, they over-communicate.
  3. They’re proactive.
  4. They’re responsive.
  5. They consistently follow up.
  6. They bring quality to the process.

As you can see, being a great trading partner is NOT a passive activity. You must be proactive in your approach, and you must invest in your partners.

Invest your time, energy, and effort. If you don’t invest, then you can not justifiably expect a return.

There are recruiters in this Network who are receiving a return on their investment on a weekly basis. YOU could be one of them.

How many of these behaviors do you and/or your trading partners exhibit? Would you agree that these are integral to great trading partner relationships and making more split placements and more money? What other behaviors would you add to these six?

If you have any questions or if you need more information, contact Top Echelon Director of Network Operations Drea Codispoti, CPC/CERS at

Your membership activity in Top Echelon’s recruiter network directly impacts how much success you can enjoy in our network.

That activity includes finding quality split recruiting trading partners and forming relationships with them.

As the Director of Network Operations at Top Echelon, it’s my job to help Network members connect with one another as quickly and as effectively as possible.

That way, you can start working together and making splits. After all, making money is the name of the game.

With that in mind, have you asked yourself any—or all—of the following five questions?

#1—Are my Alerts returning bad results?

#2—Am I talking with the right recruiters?

#3—How do I find the right information?

#4—How do I find the right recruiters?

#5—What other steps do I need to take to make split placements?

If you’ve asked yourself these questions, then there’s one thing you need to do: CALL ME! I’ll talk with you about your Network membership and the specific things you should be doing to experience more success.

(If you have NOT asked yourself these questions, then you really need to CALL ME immediately!)

And don’t forget to join my Network Q&A session on Mondays at 3:30 p.m. Just join this Google Meeting at that time.

My goal is to get you together with other recruiters so that you can make more split placements.

Do NOT get discouraged, no matter what industry or niche you work.

Instead, contact me and together we’ll put together a plan of attack and success for your Network membership for the rest of this year and beyond!

You can reach me at

We all want the same things . . .

  • Have great relationships
  • Make more placements
  • Help our trading partners
  • Make more money
  • The end of “reality” TV shows
  • World peace . . . if you are a Miss America contestant

But it takes work to get these great things. It takes work to get anything that is worthwhile. If there is no value set to anything, it in turn has NO value.

Our basic tendency is to “want” to do the right thing, but sometimes we just can’t rise up a bit to get what needs to get done . . . DONE!

Follow up and follow through

This rings true in split partner relationships. You ask for help on a job order. You post the job on Top Echelon Network. Then you call a few partners or they contact you for help and this wonderful conversations occurs. This is going to be great!

“They really qualified the job wonderfully, and I can’t wait to get candidates from them . . .”

One of three things happens:

1.) They call/email you back shortly and say, “Here are the candidates who are great matches according to our conversation.” You move forward together, and before you know it, the Completed Placement Form is being filed.

2.) They call/email you back shortly and present the candidates who are great matches, and you never respond to them.

3.) They don’t call/email or smoke signal you at all after you had this great conversation about the job . . . WHAT?

You ask yourself, “What did I miss? What just happened? Where is my return call, email, smoke signal, etc.?”

The truth is that we are ALL busy: you, your Top Echelon split network partners, and your clients. No one is an exception.

We all have to be better at the “follow through.” It’s a vital dynamic in any business partnership. The lack of follow through in any relationship always leaves something on the table or an opportunity left behind.

Do you call your clients back?

Take a moment and respond to your split recruiting partners as you would your clients. You DO call your clients back, don’t you?

Your split partners are no different. In fact, you should treat them better than your clients. They are “in the trenches” with you, day after day and week after week.

Your client of 10 years may disappear tomorrow (especially in these turbulent times), but your TE partners will be always be here. Unless, that is, you treat them as an annoyance or a bother to the things that you really thought were important at the time.

You know it’s the right thing to do, so why do you not follow through? Too busy? That’s a poor excuse, and you are better than that. That statement equates to “My dog ate my homework.”

Excuses be gone!

When your partners reach out to you, CALL THEM BACK! See that thing on your desk called a phone? PICK IT UP!

If you have any questions about this blog post or your Top Echelon recruiting network membership, please contact me.

You can do so by sending an email to