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Each year in The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog, we publish the names of the top-producing recruiters in Top Echelon Network for the previous year.

We determine that list by the recruiters’ cash-in totals. And then we publish the names of the top Network agencies from that same year.

In a similar fashion, our annual list of the top TE agencies is determined by those agencies’ cash-in totals on a rolling 12-month basis. The order of this year’s list reflects the agencies’ totals for the 2020 calendar year, which ended at midnight on December 31, 2020.

Below are the top 20 agencies in Top Echelon Network for 2020, from #20 all the way down to #1, with each agency’s total cash-in for the year in parentheses:

#20—Deb North, CPC of Deb North in Topeka, Kansas ($809,606)

#19—Mark Udulutch, CPC of Markent Personnel in Portage, Wisconsin ($898,918)

#18—Bob Millman of AutoPro Technical Recruiting in Oak Park, Michigan ($918,649)

#17—Larry Gallin of Gallin Associates in New Port Richey, Florida ($938,853)

#16—Brad Dodge of iLocatum Recruiting in San Diego, California ($987,407)

#15—Al Katz of First Search in Elgin, Illinois ($1,000,632)

#14—Kerry Boehner of KOB Solutions, Inc. in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ($1,003,569)

#13—Alan Daum of Alan N. Daum & Associates, Inc. in Hilliard, Ohio ($1,008,345)

#12—John Peterson of Sun Recruiting, Inc. in Glen Ellyn, Illinois ($1,010,895)

#11—Steve Brody of Steve Brody in Orange, California ($1,040,987)

#10—Nick Stoia, CPC ASAP Search in Irmo, South Carolina ($1,065,095)

#9—Lawrence T. Ploscowe of EXEK Recruiters, Ltd. in Rochester, New York ($1,188,025)

#8—David Wood, CPC of The David Wood Company in Vancouver, Washington ($1,198,939)

#7—David M. Sgro, CPC of True North Consultants, Inc. in Cleveland, Ohio ($1,285,412)

#6—Pat McCombs, CPC of KB Search Team, LLC in Fort Wayne, Indiana ($1,291,970)

#5—Jim Strickland of BioSource Recruiters in Wilmington, North Carolina ($1,788,885)

#4—Maria Hemminger of MJ Recruiters, LLC in Tiffin, Ohio ($2,096,837)

#3—Michael Stuck of Gables Search Group in Willoughby, Ohio ($4,002,735)

#2—Steve Kohn of Affinity Executive Search, Inc. in Hollywood, Florida ($4,893,467)

#1—Trey Cameron of Cameron Craig Group in Cornelius, North Carolina ($10,392,099)

Remember, you can keep track of the Top Producers on a 12-month rolling basis in the Main Dashboard of the Members’ Area.

The top 10 recruiters can be seen on the left-hand side of the Members’ Area. You can also access the entire list by clicking the “See All Top Producers” link at the bottom of the list.

Join us in congratulating the Network agencies listed above for their performance and production during the 2020 calendar year. While it was no doubt a challenging year, these agencies did every well in Top Echelon Network.

Here’s to bigger and better things in 2021!

At Top Echelon, we’re constantly upgrading both the Big Biller recruiting software and our split placement network software. So we’re pleased to announce the following updates:

1. Ability to Manage Privacy Compliance – In order to comply with CCPA and GDPR regulations, you now have the option to enable privacy compliance features for your Job Board. These features allow users to request that your agency provide, forget, or no longer sell personal information related to them.

2. Privacy Compliance Log – A new page has been added to My Agency Settings that allows you to review a list of privacy requests that have been submitted by applicants.

3. Network Communication Updates – Top Echelon Network members now have additional means of communicating via the software including:

  • The ability to send a note and/or additional Datasheet cards to the Job Recruiter, along with the candidate’s resume, when directly sharing a person to a Network Job and when accepting a Network Candidate request
  • The ability to include a note for the Candidate Recruiter when requesting Network Candidates
  • The ability to include a note for the Job Recruiter when declining a Network Candidate request
  • The ability to add a note for the Job Recruiter from the Candidate Outbox after reviewing a TEN Jobs Feed candidate
  • The ability to review aforementioned shared notes on People Dashboard views, Pipelines, and Network Candidate Datasheets

Remember, you can always stay informed by visiting the official Top Echelon Product Updates page. You can see current and past updates, as well as which updates and upgrades are next.

If you have questions about these updates or about any other aspect of your Top Echelon Network and/or Big Biller software account, you can:

→ Send an email to

→ Contact us via chat during regular business hours.

→ Visit our Help Center.

(Editor’s note: the following article is by industry trainer and speaker Barb Bruno, CPC/CTS of Good as Gold Training. Barb has served as a keynote speaker at recruiter networking events like the Top Echelon National Convention and Fall Conference multiple times. She has also presented webinars for the Top Echelon Recruiter Coaching Series. Barb is a trusted voice in the recruiting and staffing industry, as well as a valuable contributor to the resources that Top Echelon provides.)

— — —

It is important for you to conduct revenue modeling before you address the topic of generating client leads.

Review where you have made placements during the past two years, which will help you to identify your best business. You then want to generate leads targeting this best business.

The best client leads should be generated from your current clients and candidates. Referred business is always the best business because of the inferred level of trust.

Most recruiters don’t recognize leads because they are too busy working their desk. This is “gold in your database” in the form of endless leads.

If you’re doing a great job for your current clients, then they will be willing to refer other clients to you as long as they don’t feel this new client will be their competitor for access to the best talent you represent. You need to assure them that they will always have first access to top talent.

You will also obtain increased client referrals when you develop and promote a client referral program. It was no coincidence that client referrals increased by over 100% when we formalized the approach to client referrals and offered to donate to our clients’ favorite charity if they referred someone to us who hired from us.

The charity could be personal, like their church or children’s little league team, or it could be a major charity. Have a plaque created and have the charity go to the company to present the plaque. Often, a picture is taken and is included in the company newsletter and the plaque is hung in the front office.

Candidates can also provide client leads by sharing where they have interviewed. In addition, they could provide you with inside information on past employers, which allows you to make informed marketing presentations.

Candidates can identify the best companies to target, as well as companies they would never consider. They will share why they like or dislike certain companies, providing you with inside information.

A list that includes leads from clients and candidates is more valuable than any other type of lead generated!