‘Super Early Bird’ Deadline for Ft. Lauderdale Pushed to January 14

Mark Demaree

I have good news for those recruiters who’d like to see the deadline for “Super Early Bird” Registration for the 2011 National Convention pushed back: we’re pushing it back.

We originally set the deadline for Friday, December 31.  One of the reasons we did that is because we know that a lot of recruiters would like to register for the convention before the end of the year so they can claim the expense of the event on their 2010 taxes.  While that’s important, it’s not the most important aspect of “Super Early Bird” Registration.  The most important aspect would be the fact that we want Preferred Members to attend the convention.

We’ve decided that there are probably plenty of recruiters who are more interested in the $275 per person “Super Early Bird” price than are interested in claiming the expense of the convention on this year’s taxes.  And if that’s the case, setting a deadline of December 31 doesn’t entirely make sense, especially since the dates of the convention are Thursday, May 12, through Saturday, May 14, and Regular Early Bird Registration is going to run for well over two months.

As a result, we’re pushing back the deadline for “Super Early Bird” to the end of the business day on Friday, January 14.  That gives you two more weeks to register for the convention at the special price of $275 per person.  But the price of the convention isn’t the ONLY reason to register.  There are plenty of others, too:

  • The site of the convention is The Westin Beach Resort in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.  That’s right, the beach will be right there for you to enjoy . . . and you’ll want to enjoy it, since the average high temperature in Ft. Lauderdale during the month of May is 86 degrees.
  • We’ve secured a room rate of $169 per night at The Westin.  You can take advantage of that rate by clicking on a special link on the registration page, but remember that we have a limited number of rooms available at that rate.  So it’s first come, first served.
  • The main speaker for the convention will be Jon Bartos of Jonathan Scott International.  Bartos is one of the most popular trainers and speakers in the recruiting industry, and this isn’t the first time that he’s presented for the Network Membership.  Bartos will be addressing the topic of working more efficiently on your desk during a time when recruiters are putting in more hours than ever.
  • Once the 50th recruiter has signed up for the convention, we’ll draw a name, and that person will be able to attend the convention for FREE.
  • The convention will feature a number of networking opportunities, both formal and informal, including our popular Gala Event.  What will the Gala Event involve?  We’re not at liberty to disclose such information at this time, but we can guarantee that whatever it is, it will be memorable.

We sent out an email a couple of weeks ago with a link to our online 2011 National Convention packet, which includes additional information about the event.  If you missed that packet, now’s the time to take a look at it.

There are already over 20 recruiters registered for the National Convention . . . and we want YOU to be there, too.  We’ve done everything we can to ensure that the cost of attending the convention is as low as possible.  We believe strongly in the power of these events and their ability to help you maximize your Network Membership.  You attend, you meet other recruiters, you form relationships, you trade hot job orders and candidates, and you make split placements.

That’s the way it works, and that’s the way it’s worked ever since we started holding these events.  If you haven’t attended one our conventions in the past, I invite you to call any one of our Top Producers and ask them what role attending such events has had in their success.  I can almost guarantee that there will be a coorelation between the two.  The New Year is poised to be one of resurgence for the recruiting industry.  Join us in that resurgence.  Attend the National Convention.  Have fun.  Meet other recruiters.  Make more placements.  Now THAT’S a happy ending.

View the preliminary agenda.
See who’s already registered.
Sign up for the convention.

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