What Stops You From Making Contract Placements?

You don’t have to sell us on the benefits of making contract placements . . . we LOVE contract staffing! But you . . . you might need some convincing. In fact, we want to know what stops you from making contract placements.

Actually, we wanted to know so badly that we posed the question in the Members’ Area recently as a poll question. The question, as you might imagine, was rather straightforward:

What stops you from making contract placements?


The choice of answers that we provided is listed below, along with the percentage of recruiting network members that selected each one:

  • I DO make contract placements. — 29.5%
  • It seems too complicated.— 6.2%
  • Can’t get contract job orders. — 35.7%
  • Can’t find contract candidates. — 4.5%
  • I have no back-office. — 1.8%
  • Direct hire placements rule! — 22.3%

Make sure nothing stops you!

Nearly a third of the recruiters participating in the poll (29.5%) are already making contract placements. That’s a healthy number! These recruiters obviously know the value of offering contract staffing to their client companies.

Okay, but what about those recruiters who are NOT making contract placement? Well, they basically fall into one of two categories:

  1. Those who can’t get contract job orders (35.7%)
  2. Those believe that “direct hire placements rule!” (22.3%)

Direct hire vs. contract placements hardly compare in terms of up front fees. We wholeheartedly agree that direct hire placements are awesome. Who doesn’t like receiving checks for $20,000 (or more) in the mail?

However, if you’re not making contract placements, then you’re not maximizing the power of your recruiting desk. In other words, you’re not billing as much as you could be billing.

And it’s not as complicated as it seems. (Yes, I’m talking to the 6.2%.) That’s especially the case if you use contract placement services like Top Echelon Contracting. And if not having a back-office stops you from making contract placements (1.8%), that’s all the more reason to use TEC.

But back to the main reason recruiters don’t make contract placements: the inability to get contract job orders. We have some solutions for you, including these blog posts:

We also have a recruiter training video by Vicki Hill: “How to Get Contract Job Orders: The Energetics of Recruiting.” Click here to watch the video.

You can make contract placements, and you can increase your billings. Make sure nothing stops you . . . especially not a lack of contract job orders.

Get started now! Download a copy of our FREE Quick-Start Guide to Contract Staffing!

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