Sharing ALL of Your Jobs with the Network, Part 3

Welcome to the third and final (?) installment about why you should be sharing all of your jobs with Top Echelon Network.

Actually, this blog post is a combination of posts from two different series. One series, of course, is the “Sharing ALL of Your Jobs with the Network” series. The other one is the “Recruiter Stories from Top Echelon Network Lore” series.

That’s because we have a Network story that involves sharing all of your job orders or search assignments with Top Echelon Network. The story in question involves TE member Keith Cornelison of Personnel Resources in Tipp City, Ohio. Keith shares his story below:

Keith Cornelison of Personnel Resources

Keith Cornelison

“I was using the Top Echelon recruiting software for my database for years, and Drea [Codispoti] had talked to me a couple of times and said [I should] try the Network. So reluctantly, I put one of my jobs out there and made a split. Then he said, you need to put more jobs out there, so I put a couple more in the Network and filled both of those.

“Then Drea asked why I was not putting ALL of my jobs out there, and I’m glad that I took his advice. Things have gone great since then, and I’ve made several splits and met a lot of good people along the way.

“Thanks, Drea, for the nudge, and thanks to all the split partners who take time to look at my openings.”

Keith is being humble when he says that he’s made “several” splits in Top Echelon Network. In fact, since becoming a TE member, Keith has made 144 split placements. Those placements have generated a cash-in total of more than $824K.

All because he took my advice and shared ALL of his jobs with Top Echelon Network. Right now, Keith has 75 jobs shared with the Network.

How many jobs are you sharing? One of them? Half of them? More than half?

How much more convincing do you need than the story about a recruiter who reluctantly shared all of his jobs and then made 144 placements?

Keith was skeptical, just like you. However, he pushed past the skepticism and did what was best for his recruiting business. And he reaped the rewards . . . and continues to reap them.

If you have questions and/or you’d like more information, I encourage you to contact me.

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