How Connect 2020 Can Increase Your Network ROI

Membership in Top Echelon’s recruiting network is like anything else in business . . . or in life, for that matter. You make an investment in it, and you would like a return on that investment, or a ROI.

(Not everything in life offers a return on investment. Like being a Cleveland Browns fan, for example.)

But Membership in Top Echelon’s split network? Yes, you would like—and even expect—a return on your investment.

Network ROI: breaking down the numbers

So you pay $130 per month for your Network Membership. Projected over the course of a year, you would pay $1,560 in Membership fees.

Let’s say you only make one Network split placement during the course of your first year of Membership. The average split placement fee in Top Echelon Network is usually around $18,000.

Now, take away Top Echelon’s 6% brokerage fee (3% from each recruiter) and you have $16,920.

Divide that number by two, since it’s a split placement, and you have $8,460 for each recruiter.

Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that you attend this year’s Top Echelon Network National Convention, also known as Top Echelon Connect 2020. However, let’s also say that you make a split placement as a result of attending. This is a placement that you would NOT have made otherwise.

And since we’re on a roll, let’s also say that you earn the average Network split placement fee: $8,460. Subtract the $1,560 in Membership dues from your fee, and that leaves you with $6,900 worth of profit.

Even if that’s the only Network placement you make all year, you’re still receiving more than a 300% return on your Network investment of monthly Membership dues. (And in actuality, it’s closer to 400%, but let’s be conservative, shall we?)

When you attend recruiter networking events like Top Echelon Connect 2020, you are dramatically increasing the chances that you’ll make split placements in the near future. And as we just calculated, you only need to make one split to receive a huge ROI. If you’re a newer Network Member, this is the perfect opportunity for you to “hit the ground running.”

But Regular Registration for the convention is ending soon. (It ends on Friday, March 6, as a matter of act.)

So click HERE to register today and start getting a return on your Network investment!

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