Sharing ALL of Your Jobs with the Network, Part 2

As a member of Top Echelon’s recruiting network, you should be sharing ALL of your jobs with the rest of the Network’s recruiters.

There are many reasons why this is the case, not the least of which is that the Top Producers in the Network share all of their jobs. That’s one of the reasons they’ve become Top Producers in the first place.

However, this is the second part of an ongoing blog series in which I will examine all of the reasons why you should be sharing your jobs. (You can read the first part in the series by clicking HERE.)

Why have I embarked upon such an endeavor? Because sharing your jobs is better for you, your agency, and your trading partners. And we at Top Echelon are not successful unless you are successful.

So with all of this being said, below are five more reasons why you should be sharing ALL of your job orders with Top Echelon Network:

#1—Amplified Visibility and Reach

Sharing job orders in Top Echelon Network exponentially amplifies your visibility and reach. After all, tapping into the collective network of fellow recruiters broadens the spectrum of potential candidates.

Each recruiter within the Network possesses a unique pool of talent and specializes in distinct industries or niches. By sharing job orders, members expose opportunities to a diverse array of professionals who might not have encountered them otherwise.

This expanded reach, of course, can mean more split placements . . . and more money in your pockets. (Yes, it might be so much money that you need two pockets.)

#2—Access to Diverse Talent Pools

By sharing job orders in Top Echelon, members can gain access to a myriad of candidates with varied skill sets, backgrounds, and experiences. This diversity enables Network recruiters to tap into talent pools they might not have had access to independently.

A job order shared within the Network might resonate with a recruiter specializing in a particular industry or geographic location, thereby unlocking a wealth of potential candidates who align perfectly with the requirements.

In other words, you never know who somebody else knows. And that somebody else that somebody knows might be the perfect candidate for your client’s search assignment.

#3—Accelerated Placement Cycles

Time is of the essence in recruiting, where vacancies translate into productivity losses and revenue constraints. But I probably don’t have to tell you that.

Collaborating within Top Echelon Network expedites placement cycles significantly. When a job order is shared within the Network, multiple recruiters actively engage in sourcing candidates, conducting screenings, and presenting qualified candidates to the client.

This collective effort compresses the timeline from requisition to placement, as Network recruiters leverage their resources and expertise to expedite candidate identification and selection processes. As a result, members can capitalize on opportunities swiftly, thereby enhancing client satisfaction and reinforcing their reputation as trusted and reliable search consultants.

#4—Knowledge Sharing

Recruiters bring diverse perspectives, insights, and experiences to the table, enriching the collective intelligence of Top Echelon Network. By sharing job orders, members initiate dialogues, exchange best practices, and seek advice from peers, thereby cultivating a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

As you may have noticed, this enables Network recruiters to stay abreast of industry trends, emerging technologies, and evolving. As a result, recruiters within the Network are better equipped to navigate challenges, overcome obstacles, and capitalize on opportunities, which equates to earning more money in less time with less effort. Bazinga!

#5—Reciprocity and Network Support

Perhaps the most compelling reason to share all job orders within Top Echelon Network is the Principle of Reciprocity and network support. Sharing job orders is a demonstration of goodwill and commitment to collaboration.

Recruiters who actively participate in sharing job orders within Top Echelon not only increase their chances of receiving assistance in filling positions, but they also contribute to the overall synergy and cohesion of the Network. Conversely, withholding job orders diminishes the spirit of reciprocity and undermines the collective strength of the Network.

We do not want that, and ultimately, you do not want that, either.

As I said, this is just the first of multiple articles I will be writing about the subject of sharing ALL of your job orders with Top Echelon Network. Sharing all of your jobs is how you fill more job orders, make more placements, get more job orders, and get more clients . . . so start sharing today!

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