RTB: Managing the Hiring Process and Identifying Hot Job Orders

Matt DeutschAlthough we strive to fill The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog chock full of good stuff, we strive to do the same thing with the Top Echelon Recruiter Training Blog.  Some of the things we include in that blog are tips and strategies for success, trends in the industry, and golden nuggets of information that will help recruiters run their desks better and make more placements.

However, sometimes Preferred Members of Top Echelon’s recruiter network don’t always know what information is being published in the blog and when that information is available.  Consequently, I’ll be helping to fill the gaps by presenting some highlights from the Recruiter Training Blog in The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog (when time and space allow).

Below are some of the top posts from The Recruiter Training Blog this past week:

Recruiters, This is How You Make Sure Your Job Order is the Hottest—According to recruiting industry trainer and speaker Barb Bruno, CPC/CTS of Good as Gold Training, there are six pieces of information that you MUST get with every job order to ensure that the job order is the hottest.  If you don’t get these six pieces of information, then your job order isn’t hot . . . period.  Click here to read the blog post.

Companies’ Attitudes About Hiring: ‘Feast or Famine’ for RecruitersYours truly reveals the results of the latest Top Echelon Network Members’ Area Poll, which indicates that when it comes to companies’ attitudes toward hiring, it’s either “feast or famine” for recruiters.  Click here to read the blog post.

Making More Placements: Expectations are Everything, Part 1—We consulted Dave Knutson of The Knutson Group, LLC for this two-part series of blog posts that deal with managing the expectations of clients and candidates throughout the hiring process.  In the first part of the series, Knutson addresses the client side of the equation.

Making More Placements: Expectations are Everything, Part 2—First, it was clients.  In this post, Knutson breaks down what recruiters can do to manage the expectations of candidates.  By managing the expectations up front, you can avoid (unpleasant) surprises down the road.

Remember, the Recruiter Training Blog is updated on a consistent basis.  Be sure to check the blog regularly for news and information regarding general recruiting topics and trends.  As always, we want to know what YOU want to see, so . . . what do you want to see?  What areas of recruiting should we explore?  What topics should we address?  How can we make the blog better?  Hit us with your best shot.

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