Remember to Check Out Our Product Updates Page

As you may have noticed, we’ve been releasing updates on a regular basis regarding Top Echelon’s recruiting software and also the Top Echelon Network software.

So you might be asking yourself, “Self, is there a place where I can see ALL of the Top Echelon product updates?”

If you asked yourself that question, then you’re in luck . . . because such a place does exist! That place is the Top Echelon Product Updates Page!

On that page, you can see the most recent updates and upgrades to our software. We break the updates into categories based upon the month that we released them. When you visit the page, you’ll notice that the updates go as far back as April of 2018. (Obviously, we’ve been updating the software for a lot longer than that, but that’s the current starting point for the page.)

Not only that, but we also supply an answer to the question, “What’s next?” According to the Top Echelon Product Updates Page, this is what’s next:

  • Virtual Meeting Links in Calendar Invites – Add a virtual meeting link to Scheduled Activities for integrated services: Google Meet, Microsoft Teams (and Skype via Outlook), Zoom, and GoToMeeting.
  • Careers Page Form Customization – Customize your Careers Page apply forms to collect relevant field data that may not be on your Candidates’ resumes.

Of course, you may have also noticed that we send emails when we make updates and upgrades to our systems and software. However, not everybody opens the emails. Perhaps YOU are one of those people.

If that’s the case, then visiting the Top Echelon Product Updates Page on a regular basis could help keep you abreast of all the exciting new changes that we’re making to our software and systems for the expressed purpose of helping YOU make more placements.

If you have questions about these updates or about any other aspect of your Top Echelon Network and/or recruiting software account, you can:

→ Send an email to

→ Visit our Help Center.

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