Recruiting Relationships and Friendships in TE

Okay, so we already know that the number-one benefit of being a Top Echelon member is the “ability to make split placements.”

However, one of the other benefits of being a member is “relationships and friendships with other recruiters.” (You’d already know that if you had clicked the above link and checked out that previous blog post . . . wouldn’t you?)

But we wanted to quantify members’ recruiting relationships in Top Echelon Network, so we recently posted the following poll question:

How many new, genuine friendships have you created with other recruiters as a result of your TE membership?

The choice of answers that we provided is listed below, along with the percentage of recruiters that selected each one:

  • One (1) — 20.7%
  • Two (2) — 15.2%
  • Three (3) — 10.9%
  • Four (4) — 12.0%
  • Five (5) — 7.6%
  • More than five (5) — 33.7%

Recruiters want recruiting relationships

Obviously, not every single member of Top Echelon Network has made new recruiting relationships since they joined. However, many of them have, and as the results of this poll indicate, they’ve made more than one new friend.

In fact, over 40% of the poll participants have made five or more friendships, and 33.7% have made “more than five.” How many might that be? Who knows? Those recruiters might have made six, seven, or 10 new friendships since becoming TE members.

Recruiting relationships are the foundation of success in Top Echelon Network. It’s one of the many benefits of membership. Recruiters are people just like everybody else. Sure, they want to make placements and make money, but they also want to surround themselves with good people and make quality friends.

The bottom line: recruiters want recruiting relationships.

The bottom-bottom line: Top Echelon Network provides the opportunity for recruiters to build those relationships. Not only that, but we also offer tools and techniques for doing so quickly and more effectively.

How many more friends do YOU have as a result of joining Top Echelon Network?

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