Top Echelon Recruiters Networking Face-to-Face!

Corporate Resources, LLC NetworkingTHE FOUR, THE MERRIER: Pictured are Top Echelon Network Preferred Member recruiters networking face-to-face last month.  From left—Melinda O’Neil of Enterprise Search Associates, LLC; Chris Ramsay, CPC of Corporate Resources, LLC; Suzy Turnpaugh of Corporate Resources, LLC; and Cindy Andrew Cordell, CPC of Corporate Resources, LLC.

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We at Top Echelon Network are continually emphasizing that Preferred Member recruiters should meet one another on a face-to-face basis.  That’s one of the many reasons we hold a National Convention and Fall Conference every year.  But we also like to encourage Members to meet outside of those events, as well, and as often as possible.

The above photo was sent to Top Echelon by Network recruiter Cindy Andrew Cordell, CPC of Corporate Resources, LLC.  She and two other recruiters in her office recently met with Melinda O’Neil of Enterprise Search Associates, LLC.

In another example of how “the great circle of life” operates within Top Echelon Network, O’Neil took over Enterprise Search from long-time recruiter Jeff Linck, who retired from recruiting earlier this year.  The twist?  Cindy Andrew Cordell originally got Linck started in the profession.  We are all connected . . .

If you have information and/or a photo of you networking face-to-face with another Preferred Member recruiter, please send that information to

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