The Recruiter of the Week: Pat McCombs!

In our Recruiter of the Week feature, we highlight one Network recruiter for their contributions as a Preferred Member of Top Echelon Network.

And when we say “contributions,” we mean what they’ve done to grow not only their own recruiting business in the Network, but also grow the business of other Network recruiters.  This encompasses a wide range of recruiters who have varying business models and methods for maximizing their Network Membership.

Without further adieu, we’re pleased to announce the Recruiter of the Week!
Recruiter of the Week:

Pat McCombs, CPC of KB Search Team, LLC in Fort Wayne, Indiana
Agency Join Date: April 18, 1990
Started Recruiting: 1982

Simply put, Pat McCombs is a model Top Echelon Network recruiter.

She’s split-minded.  She communicates consistently with her Trading Partners.  She networks tirelessly at Top Echelon Network conferences and conventions.

She is always looking for ways to meet the needs of her clients as quickly as she can by making split placements—thus building loyalty with not only her Trading Partners, but with her clients, as well.

McCombs has made a total of 81 placements in Top Echelon, and at her current pace, she’ll soon join the elite group of Preferred Members that have made 100 Network placements.  She’s made nine split placements so far this year, and she still has a chance to break into double digits.  (With that production, she’s currently #20 overall in the Network!)

And of those nine split placements, eight of them have been with different Trading Partners.  McCombs has set herself up for success as a Preferred Member of Top Echelon Network—both immediate success and long-term success.

Congratulations to Pat McCombs from everybody at Top Echelon!

If you’d like to nominate somebody as the Recruiter of the Week, please send their name and agency name to

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