A ‘Ray of Sunshine’ During a Seemingly Endless Winter!

Recruiter of the Week:


Ron Sunshine of Ron Sunshine Associates, LLC

Ron Sunshine

Ron Sunshine of Ron Sunshine Associates
Agency Join Date: August 29, 2007
Started Recruiting: 1979

During a seemingly endless winter like the one many of us are currently experiencing, sunshine is a welcome occurrence . . . and Ron Sunshine of Ron Sunshine Associates has definitely been a welcome addition to Top Echelon Network!

In fact, you could say that Ron has been a “ray of Sunshine” in the Network, making a total of 27 split placements since re-joining Top Echelon as a Preferred Member in 2007.

Sunshine made 11 placements in 2013 after making seven placements in 2012.  He’s currently the #6 ranked recruiter in Top Echelon Network in terms of cash-in during the past 12 months.

For all of those reasons, Ron Sunshine is the Recruiter of the Week in the Network!

But there are plenty of other reasons, too:

  1. He’s a regular attendee at Top Echelon Network conferences and conventions.
  2. He practices all Four Pillars of the Network: Quality, Communication, Trust, and Active Participation.
  3. He’s a split-minded recruiter who’s always looking for opportunities to make split placements.
  4. He constantly builds and cultivates Trading Partner relationships with other Network recruiters.

With all of that in mind, is it any wonder that Ron Sunshine is a success in Top Echelon Network?  Absolutely not.

Sunshine does ALL of the things a Preferred Member recruiter needs to do to make an average of a placement per month in the Network, and that’s why he does exactly that!

Ron Sunshine Associates specializes strictly in the Manufacturing industry, with some Engineering.

Congratulations to Ron Sunshine from everybody at Top Echelon!

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