Presenting ‘Split Placement Tales from the Trenches’

As I’ve mentioned previously in The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog, we’re going to be exploring split placements made in the Network more extensively.  The result is a new series of blog posts—“Split Placement Tales from the Trenches.”

In this series, we’ll get the “story behind the story” when it comes to split placements . . . what happened, how it happened, when it happened, etc., straight from the recruiters who made the split.

So let’s get down to it.  This week’s split placement information is listed below, followed by the placement’s tale, relayed by one of the recruiters involved.

The interesting part of this “Tale” is that it represents one of two split placements made by these recruiters recently.  One (this one) was a contract split placement, and the other was a direct-hire split.

Because of these recruiters’ willingness to communicate with one another, they’re now making multiple split placements and generating more revenue for their recruiting firms.

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James ComptonLarry BakerJob order recruiter: Larry Baker of Computer Careers

Candidate recruiter: James Compton of Compton & Associates


Action causing placement: Regular communication with another Top Echelon Network Preferred Member

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“The Split Placement Tale from the Trenches,” courtesy of James Compton:

“I saw the jobs for Product Design Engineers posted in the Hot Jobs segment on TE.  I gave Larry a call, since I had some experience working in the Lighting field.

“Larry and I reviewed the specifics in detail and why a smaller, privately held company was offering a viable career alternative.  Larry was very open on the company, its history, product line, and why they were hiring for expansion of their product line.

“Over the last couple of months, we’ve had multiple interviews that have resulted in two placements so far.  Because of a unique tax situation in one of the states, the company would not hire our candidate.  We countered with the alternative of bringing the employee on as a contract employee.

“Thanks to Top Echelon Contracting, we had a solution that finally met the needs of the candidate and the company.  So Larry and I have two placements, and we are working on others.  It’s great to work with a Trading Partner who is open and informative.”

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