Post Your Contract Job Orders in Top Echelon

Top Echelon’s recruiting network affords the opportunity to make more placements. That includes both direct hire placements and contract placements.

One of the common objections recruiters make about contract staffing is that they don’t have any contract candidates. When you’re part of a split network like Top Echelon, you don’t necessarily need to have them. Other members of the Network might have them.

All you have to do is secure the contract job order. Then you post the job order in the Network for other TE recruiters to see.

Recruiters are making contract placements in Top Echelon. And they are making some serious money at the same time. Below are the most recent non-split contract placements made by Network members. (Keep in mind that these are just the placements made by members. There are also placements made through Top Echelon Contracting’s recruitment back office every month by non-members.)

All you have to do is ask your clients for contract job orders. And if they give those job orders to you? Then post them in the Network!

Congratulations to the recruiters below. We hope there are many more contract placements in their future!

Network Non-Split Contract Placements

Multiplier UsedAgency CodeClient RecruiterRecruiter's Firm NameJob TitleRecruiter Share
1.63MS04Keith AdamsPediaStaffSpeech Language Pathologist Assistant$8.69/hour
1.48BR03Jim BrownGalileo Search, LLCInterim Director of Infection Prevention$20.00/hour
1.55MS04Keith AdamsPediaStaffOccupational Therapist$12.83/hour
1.22MN30Cindy RidleyHRTechies.comContract Recruiter$0.00/hour
1.55AN74Cindy StephensStephens International Recruiting, Inc.BMET III$13.82/hour
1.51MS04Keith AdamsPediaStaffSchool Psychologist$11.14/hour
1.55AN74Cindy StephensStephens International Recruiting, Inc.BMET III$13.82/hour
1.56MS04Keith AdamsPediaStaffOccupational Therapist$11.35/hour
1.50MS04Keith AdamsPediaStaffOccupational Therapist$11.80/hour
1.50MS04Keith AdamsPediaStaffSchool Psychologist$11.96/hour
1.52MS04Keith AdamsPediaStaffSpeech Language Pathologist$11.58/hour
1.67BR03Jim BrownGalileo Search, LLCInterim Director of Infection Prevention$15.00/hour
1.29MN30Cindy RidleyHRTechies.comHR Intern$0.00/hour
1.41IN22John HopeTri-ForceSoftware Engineer$8.64
1.47BR03Jim BrownGalileo Search, LLCInterim Case Management Consultant$905.20/week
1.50MS04Keith AdamsPediaStaffPhysical Therapist$10.56/hour
1.55MS04Keith AdamsPediaStaffSpeech Language Pathologist$10.52/hour
1.59MS04Keith AdamsPediaStaffOccupational Therapist$12.94/hour
1.59BR03Jim BrownGalileo Search, LLCInterim Director of Behavior Health$900.00/week
1.62MS04Keith AdamsPediaStaffOccupational Therapist$14.17/hour
1.50MS04Keith AdamsPediaStaffSpeech Language Pathologist$10.04/hour
1.53MS04Keith AdamsPediaStaffSpeech Language Pathologist$11.33/hour
1.52AN74Cindy StephensStephens International Recruiting, Inc.BMET III$13.02/hour
1.60MS04Keith AdamsPediaStaffSchool Psychologist$12.70/hour
1.45IL119Steve SternPrism Search PartnersSoftware Development$12.07/hour
1.31OK19Bill YoungCareer Development Partners, Inc.Eligibility Representative and COBRA Plan Admin$1.00/hour

Many of the Top Producers in Top Echelon Network have added contract staffing services to their recruiting firm’s business model. Not only that, but they’ve also taken advantage of the contract placement services provided by Top Echelon Contracting.

For more information about contract staffing and the back office services that Top Echelon Contracting provides, call 888.627.3678, x2. You can also click here to schedule a walk-through of TEC’s services.

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