How Recruiters Should Market a Blended Desk

Last week in The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog, we presented a webinar video about why you should market and run a blended desk. This week, we’re promoting the second part of our two-part series about this topic.

First, industry trainer Bob Marshall of TBMG International discussed WHY. Now he will discuss HOW.

It should come as no surprise, then, that the title of this webinar video is “Marketing a Blended Desk, Part 2 – HOW?”

Defending the blended desk

This is a desk that combines direct hire (the foundation of a recruitment desk) with contract staffing (the foundation of a contract staffing operation) with the added bonus of contract-to-direct conversions!

Key insights in this video include:

  • What exactly is a “boomerang worker”?
  • Which companies and candidates to target and who to call
  • How to identify those who will work contracting positions and what questions to ask
  • What is the phenomenon of the freelancer and what, exactly, does the Millennial Generation really want?

But we won’t forget the Baby Boomers, as you’ll learn key insights on HOW to market a blended desk. So watch part one and part two of this free video series by Bob Marshall of TBMG International and learn all about how and why to run a blended desk!

If you have additional questions, we encourage you to contact us. You can reach us by telephone at 888.627.3678. Stop leaving money on the table! Ask your clients for contract job orders, fill them, and make more money.

Watch this FREE training video!

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