Planning Your Network Success for Every Year

In case you’ve been following along (and I hope that you have), I’ve introduced the 5 Stages of a Networker in The Pinnacle Newsletter Blog. I’ve also explored various aspects of Network membership at those five stages. All of this has been done with your Network success in mind.

I’ve also relayed a series of “Networking Tips” to help you achieve more network success as a TE recruiter.

To finish with a flourish, I’m going to bring everything together by examining each of the 5 Stages of a Networker individually. However, I’ll examine all five through the focal point of a certain aspect of membership.

It’s my hope that this will further help you to assess where you are as a networker. That way, you can take the steps necessary to reach the pinnacle of your potential.

Good habits = more Network success

Why is this? We’ve found that good networking habits lead to higher dollar revenues.

I want you to achieve the highest financial rewards that can be gained by networking. To do so, you need to recognize the stages through which you must evolve. Of course, the speed at which you progress through these stages is your decision.

To give you a visual representation of this process, we’re using the familiar growth and development of a tree as it grows from a single seed to a full, fruit-bearing tree.

You could compare this to the growth of a networker who just has the idea that networking would work (the seeds of thought) and develops into a networker who has significantly increased their income by making more split placements (the fruits of their efforts).

Developing like a strong tree

As we’ve discussed, a networker develops through five stages, which we could compare to a tree’s stages of development:

1st Stage — Planting the seeds of networking
2nd Stage — Sending out roots
3rd Stage — Branching out in the Network
4th Stage — Growing strong and healthy
5th Stage — Bearing fruit

In my next blog post, I’ll recap and examine more closely the characteristics of a Stage 1 Networker. In subsequent weeks, I’ll work my way up to a Stage 5 Networker.

If you have questions about your membership or about how you can enjoy more network success in our split fee recruiting network, please contact me. You can do so at 330.455.1433, x156 or at

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